.1 of 1.% Murders in the USA Can Be Labeled White Supremacist


by Canadian Friend

Of all the murders in the USA in the last couple of years, white supremacists committed less than one-tenth of one percent.

That is not what we are told.

Joe Biden: The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy, and I’m not saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU…”

Attorney General Merrick Garland: The FBI sees the top domestic violence threat coming from “racially or ethnically motivated violence extremists — specifically, those who advocate for the superiority of the white race.”

The White Supremacist

It was actually less than .1% if you consider the circumstances. Some of those murders were not even about race. For example, one man known to be a white supremacist got into a fight in a bar and ended up with him hitting the other man so hard that he killed him. The other man was also white, which cannot be counted as white supremacy.

Another example is a white supremacist who killed his wife. It is still wrong. It is still murder, but the crime had nothing to do with him being a white supremacist and had nothing to do with race.

Nazi picketing the White House in 1965

Those murders were counted as white supremacist crimes, even though they had nothing to do with race or white supremacy.


When a politician, activist, or journalist says white supremacists are the biggest threat in the USA, they are telling an absurd lie.

More people die from lawnmower accidents than from encounters with white supremacists. They are so rare we never see them anywhere.

I will say what no one wants to hear. The demographic group that has the highest murder rate is by far, black men. If I said they are the biggest threat in the USA by race, I would be correct, and statistics would support my statement.

In large cities such as New York, and Los Angeles, Blacks commit over 75% of all murders, whites on average commit about 4% or 5 %. Of that 4% or 5 % of whites, less than one-tenth of one percent are white supremacists.

Yet half the planet believes white supremacists are an epidemic because the Main Stream Media says it is.

Anarcho-communists of Antifa, supported by the Democrat Party.

Justin Trudeau said people who don t like vaccines are white supremacists. He said that in an interview on TV.

They may as well tell us the Witches of Salem are back, and their cats can morph into humans. It would not be more absurd than telling the masses that there is a deadly epidemic of white supremacists.

Although there exists a microscopic number of white supremacists, the murders they committed in most cases were not related to race.

Black Lives Matter protest, 2020. Supported by the Democrat Party, heavily funded by George Soros.

PS: To any leftist reading this or anyone from the SPLC, the ADL, or the FBI, note that nowhere in those articles and my comments does anyone say we hate people of other races.

We are simply stating facts and correcting the lies of the MSM and the Biden administration. Nowhere do we encourage hatred or violence.



  1. Aproximately 75 Americans per year die in lawn mower accidents.

    Aproximately a dozen- or less- Americans per year die at the hands of white supremacists.

    Yet we are told repeatedly white supremacists are the biggest threat the USA faces.

    • These are indoctrinated moronic idiots, from the White House down, driving their divisive drivel home. The enemy within is well entrenched, with the corrupt MSM and social media leading their charge on the insipidly misinformed….

  2. When non-Whites have been allowed by guilt tripped Whites to take over, then it will not matter what this online poll says, the scum will vote out July 4th and make June 19th the only national independence holiday.


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