1000 Pound Hammerhead Shark Heads for Waders


A 1,000 Pound Great Hammerhead Shark headed for swimmers in the Florida Shallows. Fortunately, he turned right and took off. Hammerheads are a bit shy.

The shark was 14 feet long. The Sun called Florida the “bite capital of the world” in describing the perilous situation the swimmers were in. That was funny, but it’s not really the bite capital.

A drone took the footage.

When the shark took off, the swimmers also took off. They must have done the right thing because the shark didn’t attack.

Influencer Evan Parness captured the heart-stopping moment and posted it to his Instagram account.

He said: “When you come face to face with a massive 14ft, 1,000lb Great Hammerhead!

“A moment between man & dinosaur.



  1. Working the oil fields I once flew over Pensacola Beach in a helicopter. There were more sharks than people in the water, 50+. The waders seemed oblivious.

  2. Hammerheads are about as dangerous as Nurse sharks. As long as you don’t grab ’em, they won’t grab you. I’m a 6th generation Floridan, who’s been swimming and surfing in the ocean since before I could walk. Just sayin’. Don’t mess with the Bulls!


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