One in Four Maui Schoolchildren Are Likely Missing



The FBI will release the names of 1,110 people missing in Maui later this week. This is what they need to do to find them if they are alive. School resumed, and one in four children are likely missing.

People burned up in the flames, and some drowned, trying to escape the flames. Those who survived reported that the water was on fire.

Joe Biden, having suffered through a kitchen fire once, empathized with those touched by this tragedy and then fell asleep during the memorial. He’s now enjoying his Lake Tahoe vacation with billionaire and climate extremist Tom Steyer.

Meanwhile, twenty-five percent of the schoolchildren might be missing, with 1110 unaccounted for.

As we reported two days ago, the only road out of Lahaina was barricaded. Only those who disobeyed survived.

How do you lose 1110 Americans? Incompetence!

We also reported that FEMA called for a complete shutdown of all imagery and videos as they cleaned up the disaster. What we didn’t know is that they also faked a news conference with their own employees.

Hawaiians are angry. Aren’t all normal Americans?

I agree with James Woods, do you?

Forget FEMA’s help. Just send the money they’re wasting.

The White House id falsely using the Maui disaster as a climate change issue. They are going to start posting fake death tolls for every climate event and use that as an excuse to declare a climate emergency that will give Biden extraordinary powers to control Americans.



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