1500 Protest at Creedmoor as NY Tyrant Spreads Out Illegal Male Foreigners


About 1500 people are protesting outside Creedmore in Queens Village, New York, a lovely area of Queens. Mayor Adams spread out unvetted illegal alien young men and put them up in tents on the grounds of Creedmore Psychiatric Hospital.

A migrant shelter, “Tent City,” has now gone up in eastern Queens on Hillside Avenue on Creedmore Hospital grounds amid protests and an overflow of migrants in NYC. “It’s the worst possible place,” Curtis Sliwa said outside ‘Tent City.’

Curtis Sliwa with 1500 protesters in Queens, NY.

He continued. “It’s so important because Eric Adams, swagger man, has no plan. So he’s just basically outsourcing the illegal aliens in Manhattan into the outer boroughs. It’s the worst possible place  [Creedmoor Psychiatric Center]. One thousand single, able-bodied young men on the facilities of Creedmoor with nowhere to go, and nothing to do, in the middle of nowhere, eastern Queens.

“This is crazy, and, by the way, before the rally even started, I was talking with some clients, some patients of Creedmoor who walk in and out of the city with no security, not a place for anybody, including illegal aliens,” he said.

“…the biggest concern is the destabilization of a middle-class neighborhood where people have co-ops, condos,” Curtis added. “They lease, they rent property, and they own property. They’re going to put a for sale sign up. And they’re going to end up fleeing like so many others to Florida, Georgia and, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee. We want people to improve, not to move. By doing this against the will of the people, with no meetings, no transparency, is a quick way to destroy…,” he concluded.

…”my heart goes out to these patients. They have problems …,” shouted one protester.

Protest outside Creedmoor
If they flee…

If they flee, I hope they won’t take their Democrat voting tendencies with them. Although, this area still has Republicans.

Emphasis added.



  1. The only way to get people to understand, that an open border policy is a terrible idea, is for those that support it, feel the impact of it personally.


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