181 Crazy Democrats Vote to Ban Your Gas Stoves


Today is historic as 181 insane Democrats voted to ban gas stoves. Fortunately, they don’t control the House – yet – and it didn’t pass. Unfortunately, authoritarian Joe Biden might just expand his executive orders, banning them anyway.

Remember when they mocked us for saying this is what they want to do? They don’t have any evidence that it is harmful except for whatever they concoct in their sketchy ‘studies.’

Democrats are close to having a permanent electoral majority, and this is a small sample of what they will inflict on us.

You might remember Joe Scarborough mocking people who even talked about it. Is this what we want ruling over us?



  1. Are they really that stupid? The only other alternative we would be left with for our energy needs then would be electricity, and you can’t have electricity run a power plant unless it is from hydroelectric plants at dams. Fossil Fuels are the cheapest way to generate electricity and there hasn’t been any new generating plants build for decades.

    Alternative production by solar and wind can’t make it in the quantities needed, which leaves HydroCarbon or Nuclear power generation plants. Considering that with all the charging of EV that were asked be brought to a halt in California last summer is a prime example of stupidity at work.

    Here you are in the middle of summer with everyone running their air conditioners, and you get hit with a Brown-Out right at dinner time. What are you going to do with those usleless electric stoves, ovens and microwaves? You’ll eat cold foods and fruit and raw vegetables, and You’ll LIKE IT !

    The morons running this idiocy up the flag pole of unbelievability need to be stopped and we mean like yesterday by any means available. That supposed Great Awakening had better jump ahead of the curve or we’ll have a country run by idiots with no concept of what makes a NATION VIBRANT or how it runs equitably without giving way to whiners and mental midgets demanding succor because they forgot how to work.

    Remember my friends we are being warred against as we speak and the only way to stop them, is now apparently beyond the need of an Insurrection and becoming the time for civil war !!! THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING UNDER HEAVEN !

  2. They have become like their leader Josef Bitem. Completely senile and focused only on deviant sexualization of something.

  3. Voting for RINOs led to a weak GOP and near dominance of the left. We end up with a tiny majority in the house, and with a leadership in collusion with the left.

    Watching Faux News concealed the fast move left in the GOP.

  4. They’re talking about gas stoves instead of Vladimir Putin threatening nuclear war”
    The culture war is they are promoting is more important to them than the thought of millions dying in a nuclear war.


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