50 US Senators Get Satellite Phones in Case of a “Disruptive Event”


At least 50 U.S. senators have been issued satellite phones to use in case of a “disruptive event, according to people familiar with the situation, CBS News reported.

They were offered to all 100 senators.

With millions of anonymous foreigners pouring in, cartel militants, communists, deadbeats, and 88 terrorists spotted this year alone, at least 50 people who allowed this to happen will be a little safer and able to issue orders. How quaint.

The phones were distributed as part of several new security efforts from the Senate Sergeant at Arms.

How about closing the border? It’s the gravest national security threat I have ever witnessed in this country.

Instead of worrying about all the Chinese, Russian, and Iranian nationals coming in illegally and unvetted, they are likely worried about Christians and conservatives who love their country.

Last month, Senate Sergeant at Arms Karen Gibson told the Senate Appropriations Committee that satellite communication would “ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event,” adding that the phones will support security measures during an emergency that “takes out communications” in the United States.

An advisory from the Department of Homeland Security said satellite phones are used to “coordinate response and recovery efforts in remote areas, where there are no landline or cellular telephone networks, or in areas where existing networks are damaged or overloaded during a natural disaster (e.g., severe weather or earthquake) or a man-made incident, including potential chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive events.”

“Satellite mobile phones can help maintain command and control functions during an emergency when existing communications networks are not functioning. These phones are designed to be relatively rugged and simple to operate, but are more expensive than cell phones to buy and use,” it added.

Taxpayers get to pay for this. They pay for nothing.



  1. I suspect it also means they can make all kinds of deals to line their pockets without a trace. I doubt they will be used “strictly” for “the job”.

  2. Figure nearly $2,000 with accessories per Senator start up cost for 180 minutes per month for first year. Over 180 minutes .99 cents per.

    SOP = screw We The People but protect each other with tax payer dollars.


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