500 Migrants Lost at Sea


NBC News posted a story about the migrant boat that sank off the coast of Greece trying to get to Europe with over a hundred children missing, presumed dead. More than 500 in total are missing. The Titan with five souls lost drew far more interest.

NBC contrasted the amount of publicity the boat sinking got compared to the Titan sub that left five “wealthy people” dead.

People protested the sinking and want government to find a solution to migrant deaths.

“It’s a horrifying and disgusting contrast,” Judith Sunderland, associate director for Human Rights Watch’s Europe and Central Asia division, said in a telephone interview, reflecting on the apparent disparities in resources and media attention on the two crises.

“The willingness to allow certain people to die while every effort is made to save others … it’s a, you know, really dark reflection on humanity,” she said.

On the surface at least, that seems right. However,  many people don’t even know it happened. The media hasn’t said as much about it as they did the Titan.


Some people say the lack of interest is due to racism or anti-immigration movements.

But what about the media’s role?

The media played up the Titan story and it was very unique. By comparison, the media mostly ignored the story of the illegal alien boat. Also, the Titan was closer to home than a boat off the shores of Greece.

Some say the media decides what you will see and what you will be interested in, what you will care about or not.

At least 300 are dead, perhaps 500 or more, in last week’s boat disaster, compared to five dead in the Titan which imploded in the water channel on the way to view the Titanic. Some reports say there were 750 people on board the overcrowded migrant boat with only 104 surviving.

The Titan is an unusual story and for days, the media said the five could still be alive with air running out. Mostly, it was the media drumming it up.

Maybe the media should do a better job of telling us what is going on? They won’t possibly because they don’t want us to know how bad the invasions are in Europe and the U.S.


If you go through social media, you will quickly discover what people are concerned about when it comes to non-stop migrant boats. They are invading their shores, and they’re mostly men. Why are they coming?



  1. Sounds like a good start
    They are not migrants but illegal invaders. Should start sinking the boat. Watch them do somewhere else


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