71% of Illegal Crossers Go to Republican Districts -Transforming the USA


A new study from Heritage Foundation – reviewed by The Epoch Times – found that 71% of the illegal aliens coming in in one month went to Republican congressional districts. As a result, Texas is no longer majority white.

Texas is now majority Hispanic. Not all of the illegal aliens stay in Texas. They also travel to the country’s interior and every state, except perhaps Hawaii.

The study was conducted using geofencing of thousands of illegal aliens. The researchers also found that NGOs, left-wing groups, and religious organizations are being paid to transport these people, and they overwhelmingly transport them to Republican congressional districts.

“According to the most recent data, it was just revealed a few days ago that white people are now officially a minority within the state of Texas. You heard that right. According to the most recent US census, Hispanics have become the majority, at least within that state,” Roman Balmakov of The Epoch Times reports in the clip below.

“Here’s specifically how the new numbers break down. Latinos make up 40.2 percent of the state whereas white people now make up 39.8%.”


The US census does include illegal aliens in the total official count. When Donald Trump was president, he attempted to stop them from being counted in the census or at least counted as illegal aliens. He tried to add a question requiring them to check off a box indicating they were here illegally. The Democrats reacted extremely badly, calling everyone involved racist.

The reason for that is apparent. Democrats don’t want you to know how many illegal aliens are in the country. Illegal aliens are counted in the House representation, and Democrats are trying to give them all amnesty.  If they get amnesty and citizenship, the will overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Soon, foreigners, many unvetted, will decide America’s future, voting for the neo-Democrat party.

In the end, “The [then-left-wing activist] US Supreme Court prevented that question from being added [to the US Census], and then secondly, as soon as Joe Biden entered the White House, and I mean that literally on his very first day in office, he issued an executive order mandating that the Census Bureau include illegal immigrants in their apportionment,” Balmakov emphasized.


“The surge in illegal immigrants that’s been taking place over the past decade has, for one, flipped Texas into what’s known as a minority-majority state, and secondly, because of the way that the US census is conducted, there is no way for us to know the percentage of these individuals who are non-citizens.”

Texas is a Hispanic state, which means a Democrat state.

Don’t think for a minute that it only affects Texas. While many stay in Texas, others move to the country’s interior.

The Heritage Foundation found something truly surprising. These illegal immigrants are overwhelmingly entering Republican congressional districts.


“The researchers were able to use geofencing to determine that illegal aliens made it to 40 different states” within a month. Some ended up in some cities in Canada.

The final destination was overwhelmingly in Republican congressional districts. “Out of a total of 435 congressional districts of the 452 congressional districts with the highest density of devices, 71% were Republican congressional districts.


A host of NGOs [including the Pope’s Catholic Church] are actively transporting the border crisis overflow from Customs and Border protection to these organizations so that Border Patrol avoids overcrowded facilities. “These organizations apply for and receive taxpayer money to provide processing and transportation services to facilitate the migration of illegal aliens into the interior of the country.”


Democrats frequently sponsor bills to give amnesty and a path to citizenship for every illegal alien. Sometimes they claim it’s only for certain groups, but in the end, you know it will be all of them, including criminals. Once that happens, there is no way anyone but a Democrat will win most elections. Indeed, that will always be true of the presidential election.

We have seen how Joe Biden and his advisers run the country now. It’s becoming a true police state, robbing us of our liberties.

The Constitution has little weight for neo-Democrats, who see our money as theirs. Biden is truly a dictator. He is seizing control over every facet of the government and has weaponized every agency. He has even weaponized the weather, which, as the global movement dictates, is used to frighten us into obedience. The pandemic was exploited in the same way.

At the same time, Democrats are forcing CRT and DEI in our educational system. They are anti-American.

The rules that apply to the Netherlands and Ireland will soon apply to our farmers. If the globalists have their way and electrify everything, there is no way everyone will have a car running all the time. The State will control transportation. They’ll have control of the food and the air we breathe. Please don’t doubt me on this.

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  1. They’re being sent there because that’s where the money is. Democrat districts are poor and crime ridden, the migrants move to greener pastures.

  2. It is all part of the democrat s plan to make sure there is less and less people who vote conservative.

    Almost everything democrats do is done with an ulterior motive…an evil ulterior motive

  3. It’s just a matter of time before the invaders sue for reparations and return to Mexico and by then, the gringos will be dying and too sick from the spike protein jabs to do anything about it.

  4. Just to be clear: The names of the illegals are all included on voter rolls. Now, they won’t go vote themselves at the polling stations, but are most commonly used by Democrat fraudulent vote operations in this manner:

    Illegal’s name is “registerred” onto the voter roll for the jurisdiction he moves to.When voting time comes, the Dem vote fraudsters use the name to create an illegal mail-in ballot in his name. This is repeated for every illegal who “settles” in the voting district / jurisdiction.The ballot envelope includes a fake signature as well as (usually) fake addresses… in many times the same address. For instance, that is how a suburban house contains over 70 voters, mostly of the illegal’s names.On election night, after all the votes are returned from most of the jurisdictions, the vote counting is stopped in the crucial jurisdictions where the fraud takes place.After the initial counting is done, the calculation is done to see how many fraudulent ballots need to be injected into the mix.Enough ballots are injected, insuring the Republican, who usually would have won handily, barely loses to the Democrat. The cushion that the ballots are injected are calculated to not just go over the top, but to win by more than the set percentage that would mandate a full hand recount (usually 0.5% or less).Once the counting is finished and the steal is complet, the Democrat is declared the “winner.”When Katie Hobbs stole the election from Kari Lake in Arizona, she sued in court. Initially, the judge did not allow the case to be brought up, but the state Supreme Court overruled the lower court and forced the case to be heard. Once the case was started, Kari Lake’s team provided several dozen evidenciary proofs, with the BULK of the proof from ballots that were purported to be fraudulently created. In fact, the exact method described in the above steps were incorporated, using the names of legal and illegal voters with ballots injected into the system after election night was over. However, the judge ruled that their was not “sufficient evidence” to “prove” the fraud happened “in sufficient numbers” to prove Kari Lake’s case. In short, the steal method is VALIDATED, and even though it is as illegal as heck, the fraudulent votes count. THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE, FOLKS!!!

    THIS is the ABSOLUTE MAIN REASON why the illegals are flooding into the country now. WITHOUT the ability to steal votes using the illegals’ names, the Dems would be routed all over the place.

    • Ballot stuffing practices are how the left have defrauded elections.
      Once the ballots are in, a recount is useless because they just recount the stuffed ballots each time.

    • “THIS is the ABSOLUTE MAIN REASON why the illegals are flooding into the country now.”

      I do not agree AT ALL.

      These young men (ALL of military service age), including tens of thousands of Chinese and Muslims from the ME and South Asia, are being brought in as enforcers. They are being brought in to DISARM THE POPULATION.

      We learned on “January Sixth” that the Washington mob does not have confidence that the Americans under their military command are reliable enough to follow orders to disarm the people. We know that b/c on “January Sixth,” Nancy Pelosi repeatedly phoned the Pentagon for Army Regulars b/c she did not believe that the National Guardsmen at her disposal would obey her commands. The Pentagon turned her down, so she and the other members of the rising dictatorship realized that they would have to import soldiers to replace the Americans who they knew would not obey them.

      So THAT is why an actual army of young foreign men is being brought in now: They will be reliable. They WILL obey orders to go door to door to disarm the people. The Chinese already have public police stations–operating openly–in NYC, Houston, Omaha, Charlotte, and a few other formerly American cities. So THEY and the hundreds of thousands of young men now being brought in at YOUR expense (literally) will be used to disarm and subjugate the population when the UFO/UAP so-called “hearings” in Congress are over.

      Before November ’24–and I don’t expect elections to be held AT ALL, but we shall see whether they even go through the motions–we shall be relentlessly propagandized until, just as in the COVID hoax, 95% of the population BELIEVE that there really are “alien spacecraft” flying around our planet and that the ONLY way to “Save Earth” will be to submit to a one-world government. “We of Earth must put aside our differences to meet this unprecedented danger to our planet, etc, etc., blah blah blah. So we MUST unite under one World government!”

      You can see it coming.

      And the hundreds of thousands of foreign young men–the soldiers and enforcers of the new American police state–will enforce martial law and will disarm the people, which no government(s) have EVER BEFORE had the manpower to accomplish. But now they do.

      And it is pointless to think that you will not surrender your weapons b/c they won’t give you an appointment. They’ll come when nobody is at home and strip your home of whatever they please, beginning with your weapons. And in those relatively few cases where somebody IS at home when they come, the foreign enforcers will make short work of them. But you WILL be disarmed. And then you WILL eat the bugs.

      But there is one thing that must be borne in mind: ALL of their evil plans depend 100% on a constant and unfailing supply of electricity, and all power poles and lines in “our” country are above the ground. So it will be possible for the population to pursue a scorched-earth policy and simply learn to do without electricity. But I’m not optimistic that most people will choose liberty over convenience and comfort. But the chance for REAL and SUCCESSFUL RESISTANCE is there, right outside your home and outside of every public building.

      And THAT, sir, is why the foreign millions–nearly ALL being young men of military age with smart phones (that’s their command-and-control structure)–are being brought into what remains of the country. It has nothing to do with “voting.” There is NO reason to bring them in to “vote,” since it is observably no longer necessary to hold elections and count so-called “votes” b/c it is no longer necessary to hide the open theft of elections.

  5. Hey conservative Catholics your church is selling out our country for big bucks. The browning of America. We will eventually be strangers in our own land. You know what happens when we become the minority. The other races will come for us.

  6. I am not sure of the factors in this. We know government will send them to republican districts. Some illegals may want to go to safer areas where work is available. Others will want to go where they get more free stuff and need not work.


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