94% of Corporate America’s New Hires Are People of Color


The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires companies with 100 or more employees to report their workforce demographics every year.  The strong suggestion is that you don’t look to hire white people even though they are or at least were 57% of the population in 2020 – down from 85% in the 1980s. With illegal immigration, that number is down by millions of people. The fact that we are violating the Constitution and hiring by race should horrify people. It definitely doesn’t bother corporate America. Because in corporate America 94% of the jobs went to people of color. That is according to a new Bloomberg study.

Merit is out the window, skin color and sexual persuasions are in.

The U.S. Constitution with “We The People” buring against a black background.

Bloomberg obtained 2020 and 2021 data for 88 S&P 100 companies and calculated overall US job growth at those firms.

In total, they increased their US workforce by 323,094 people in 2021, the first year after the Black Lives Matter protests — and the most recent year for which this data exists.

The overall job growth included 20,524 White workers. The other 302,570 jobs — or 94% of the headcount increase — went to people of color. People of color make up a minority of the US population [BARELY!], and in most cases are underrepresented at big US companies. In 2021, Hispanic, Asian, and Black people made up a vast majority of the added workers — a trend that, analysts say, is necessary to overcome their historic underrepresentation.

The biggest shifts happened in less-senior job categories. White people held fewer of those roles in 2021 than they did in 2020, whereas thousands of people of color were added to the ranks.

But the trend continued up the job ladder in top, high-paid jobs, too: Companies increased their racial diversity among executives, managers, and professionals.

According to the report, White people still hold a disproportionate share of the top, highly-paid jobs in the US at S&P 100 companies. But the share of executive, managerial, and professional roles held by people of color increased by about 2 percentage points compared with 2020 — more than double the average annual gains at big and mid-sized US companies in previous years.

We don’t doubt that corporate America WILL reverse those numbers quickly. White people are taboo.



  1. So, what are YOU going to do at 5:00am when an illegal dressed in a local police uniform comes to evict you from your home because blackrock “sold” the mortgage back in 2011, to an “overseas” company, that just paid it off in BRICS gold?
    What then?

  2. Only white people are dumb enough to give away the greatest nation ever built to people from other countries that have destroyed theirs.

  3. We seem to now live in a nation of two people. One part is giving more importance and are highly favored for the special privileged accident of being born with a certain phenotype.
    The others are maligned because of their innate talents and civilized demeanors, their Entrepeneur tendencies are taken for granted or ridiculed.
    Divided as such we fall, united has become a distant pipedream, the Deamons are holding court.

  4. This very thing happened to my daughter. The company announced that they wanted a more “diverse” workforce so, they fired a bunch of white men and women and hired unqualified replacements.

  5. Jorden Peterson has a great explanation of why most of these new hires are less than competent. There aren’t enough qualified POC’s to fill that many positions. At some point, the companies that do this will begin to suffer poor productivity and will fall further and further behind the competition. At that point, they will be eaten by more productive companies and become a footnote in capitalism history.

  6. The question is how do they know if someone is white or a “person of color”? Does it go by self-reporting? Whenever I’m asked to fill out anything Demographically tied to my job I always mark “prefer not to answer” except for veteran status where I say no because I don’t want to accidentally end up with stolen valor and it isn’t that I have “white guilt” or anything either. It’s okay to be white. I just know how anti-white all these institutions have gotten and even though I develop a tan in the summer I’m white so race I say prefer not to answer, same thing for ethnicity and gender too. I refuse to play their identity politics game by not giving them anything to work with against me. Disability status is one that I usually say no to as well even though I know they use that as a checkbox for “diversity sake” even though I’m tempted next time I see the disability survey to check other and put “my country is run by communists” as that is what someone put in that survey given to STEM students in college that wanted to give Amazon gift cards to alphabet people and triggered the SJW researcher. I wonder how many other white people see the trends and put prefer not to answer for demographic questions tied to race and ethnicity and if companies don’t report these folks in their statistics or if they assume they are POC in their reporting considering these institutions falsely believe The West is white supremacist they probably assume people who put “prefer not to answer” are trying to avoid “systemic racism” which ironically enough I am it is just being levied against the opposite of what these institutions think. I mean what else can you call it when schools, corporations and even the government give preferential treatment to non-whites over whites and the Overton window is such that things can be said about and against white people in media that can’t be said about any other race without someone facing consequences? White people are discourage from forming identity groups based on being white whereas identity groups for Black, Hispanic, Asian and Indigenous peoples are celebrated and encouraged by these institutions. When the celebretard Nick Cannon went on a radio show and said stuff disparaging Jews and Whites he was temporarily canceled until he apologized for what he said about Jews but he never showed any contrition over what he said about Whites and no one ever demanded he did. A show was made talking down to white people aimed at white people written by so called “POC” called Dear White People. You couldn’t have a show written by White People aimed at Black People talking down to Black People aimed at Black People. Also I swear anymore when the hell did every calendar month become some sort of diversity celebration? Black History Month, Woman’s history month, Asian Heritage month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Pride (aka degeneracy) month, etc but there isn’t a White heritage month and they’ll never make a White heritage month. I personally am sick of this shit and wish we could just go back to being a colorblind melting pot where everyone was just American as things were so much better when this was the case. How the hell did we end up letting the identity obsessed SJWs do so much damage?

    • It bothers the heck out of me.
      to be classified as a “White Hispanic”
      Incidentally, I am also proud of being a member of the Celtic tribe.

  7. So glad I left the country for good. Makes me sick. I will sue the federal government to give me back the 6 years and 3 months I spent in the Army.

  8. I am glad that i am retired! In my state of Commyfornia we had lowered our standards to if you feel the answer is right the3n you pass! You want to buy anything made here? A beautiful state taken down the drain by pedophile progressive total idiots! Thanks Democraps! Gel head Newsom in charge!

    • Noticed how it is prearranged it is that every photo-op lecture Bien gives has a poc (if female and in uniform even,better) welcoming him or standing behind him.
      It was this pandering that drove me away from the Democrats.

  9. Maura! Are you F’ing kidding? 94% new corporate hires to non-whites? I am so glad I’m not in the job market any more. I took my Princeton degree in the late ’70s, and it was a great experience. Now I’m embarassed about it.

  10. I have see this close up for 45 years.

    There has been an increase in anti-white discrimination in recent years, as part of the DEI agenda. (White females do not have this problem in technology. It is really anti-white male discrimination.)

    My employer began a program to hire blacks just before I quit 2 years ago due to the jab requirement. It is called a black leadership program. People are rewarded for hiring blacks.


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