About That Flotilla of Russian and Chinese Ships Off Alaska


People recently became alarmed over a Russian and Chinese flotilla that recently hung around off the coast of Alaska. Apparently, it was a nothing burger. First of all, they were way, way off the coast, closer to Russia.

The Russia-Chinese flotilla.

In the clip below, at about 02:56, Sub Brief talks about a flotilla of Russian and Chinese warships – eleven ships, including eight warships. They moved off the coast of Alaska. The fleet was probably collecting intelligence.

They followed all laws, doing something the US has done for years. No one did anything dangerous. There was nothing wrong with this deployment.

Everyone behaved, so all is well.



  1. What’s been left out in the reporting is precisely where all those ships were located. They were not off the “coast” of Alaska. The incident happened near the Aleutian Islands closer to Russia than the continental US. Forbes described the location, one being Attu Island. Anyone can check that island’s location and see where it’s closer to, Russia or Alaska.


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