Admin Looks To Protect Mussels That Could Put an End to Texas Buoys


The Biden administration is looking into passing a rule that would mandate migrants remain in the state they enter illegally, mainly Texas. It would also include New Mexico, Arizona, and California. They don’t want a Remain in Mexico policy, just a Remain in Texas and turn the state blue policy. It doesn’t stop there. Despite the thousands pouring into Texas, the Biden administration isn’t satisfied. They want the buoys blocking migrants removed.

They have a lawsuit in play, but they might have found a quicker way to get the buoys removed – mussels.

The administration is attempting to have two types of mussels declared endangered. The problem with it is they are found largely in the Rio Grande. The buoys would possibly have to be removed if they were declared endangered.

Rep. Jodey Arrington finds the timing very suspicious.

“The timing of this proposed rule is highly suspicious,” wrote Arrington. “On July 24, the Justice Department filed a complaint against the State of Texas for placing a floating buoy barrier in the Rio Grande River. The very next day, on July 25, the Service proposed a rule to list these mussel species.”

The rule targets the Salina Musket and Mexican fawnsfoot. They are found in the Rio Grande near Texas.

In a letter to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, Rep. Arrington noted that they sat on the request for fourteen years, so why now?

Then there’s the illegal alien invasion problem.

“This action will not only impact the State of Texas’ ability to protect the border and its citizens but also the ability of the U.S Border Patrol to accomplish its mission of protecting the American people and safeguarding our borders,” wrote Arrington. “As you know, any federal or state actions that impact critical habitat, including border security operations, must go through a consultation process with the Service. This process can be lengthy and will most assuredly hamper vital daily border security operations.”



  1. Consider the makeup of the Biden Administration (look it up yourself); let’s just say lawfare and subterfuge come naturally to these people

  2. Mussels are damaged by humans stepping on them, also. I suggest lining the riverbed with caltrops to keep people from harming them.

  3. The States spent too long being subservient to the fed for a quick buck and now that many are trying to exercise their weak legs the fed is showing them who pulls the strings.

  4. Real men in Texas would simply defy the feds. Abbott is not and can never be such a person. There is a real man there named Paxton, and of course that little man Abbott will not utter a word in his support.

  5. First they use a butterfly and turtle to stop the wall building now they are using mussels to stop this. How much longer will Americans put up with this crap? Shoot anyone in the river and they’ll become mussel food, problem solved.

  6. The Rio Grande has a reduced and regulated flow, is a dumping ground for untreated sewage, agricultural and industrial waste, garbage, and whatever else people want to get rid of. If the administration is really interested in those mussels, those things need to be eliminated first. Then they need to prove that these floatation barriers are affecting the mussels detrimentally in some way. Finally, national security concerns trump any environmental interests in importance. This administration is so desperate to destroy America.


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