After Hunter’s Deal Collapses, Smith Charges Trump Again


Former President Donald Trump has been indicted on more charges in the classified documents case. Jack Smith’s office made the announcement Thursday, the day after Hunter’s sweetheart deal collapsed. Just a coincidence, surely.

This is as Donald Trump braces for separate federal charges over efforts to undo his 2020 election loss. They plan to criminalize objecting to an election (if you’re a Republican). DJT acted under the Electoral Count Act at the time, which Congress has since changed.

The new indictment also charges Carlos de Oliveira, a maintenance worker at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

The new charges broaden a sweeping indictment brought by a Florida grand jury in June alleging the former president allegedly held on to sensitive military secrets he knew he shouldn’t have retained access to, shared them with others, and directed his staff to help him evade authorities’ efforts to get them back.

Smith’s office made the announcement just hours after Trump’s lawyers met with prosecutors to try to head off additional criminal charges related to Trump’s attempts to stay in power after President Biden’s election win in November 2020, culminating in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.


They also charged his head maintenance man Carols de Oliveira today in this case. Valet, Walt Nauta, and Donald Trump have all been charged.

Smith accuses Donald Trump, Carlos De Oliveira  and Walt Nauta of trying to delete Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage in connection with the federal classified records case.

The indictment accuses De Oliveira of lying to investigators about his involvement in moving boxes at the property, saying he “never saw anything” relating to boxes moving in and out of the storage room.

The indictment also adds a thirty-second document to the tally for which Trump is facing charges of violating the Espionage Act, a top-secret document on a presentation about military activity in a foreign country.

These charges will be added to the 37 in this case alone.

At the same time, Joe Biden and his family, especially Hunter, appear to have betrayed the country. As we said, this follows Hunter’s sweetheart deal falling through. It minimizes Hunter’s case or seems to. It’s a distraction. Smith is playing Soviet hardball.



  1. The fraud, the corruption, the treason has become so brazen that the perps must be completely confident they will retain power after the 2024 elections; meaning they have the election already in the bag. Trump could get 80% of the real vote in 2024 and still not be elected. They control all of the swing states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, have RINOS in Georgia and other states. They are certain of remaining in power during which they will extend their tyranny. If we are to ever remove this organized criminal syndicate that masquerades as the Democratic Party and its herd of RINOS we will have to come to the conclusion it will only be through the exercise of our Second Amendment rights and do it before they are removed, canceled, and no longer available. SCOTUS will be their target and you can expect they will do the same as they did tol Scalia in order to place the demon Garland on the Court. They did not succeed, but will try again until they do. Then, there will be no checks on their tyranny. You either go to the barricades today or to their gulag and graveyard tomorrow. There is no other choice. 

  2. Republicans have mountains of evidence the Biden are guilty of RICO violations, multiple RICO violations,

    compared to the Bidens , Trump – whatever he did – is nothing !

    anyway here is the definiton and the sentence for what the Bidens are guilty of,

    Federal Crimes under the RICO Act
    RICO charges covers a variety of federal offenses directly related to
    an ongoing criminal enterprise. There must be at least two crimes that
    were committed through the enterprise within 10 years. Some of the most
    common crimes covered under the RICO Act include the following:

    drug crimes,
    wire fraud,
    mail fraud,
    money laundering,
    violent crimes,
    human trafficking,

    In order to prove you are guilty of racketeering that is in violation of the federal RICO Act, the prosecution must prove all the elements of the crime beyond any reasonable doubt, including:

    there was a criminal enterprise that affected commerce;
    you were a participant within the enterprise;
    you willfully engaged in racketeering activity;
    you participated in racketeering with at least 2 illegal acts.
    If you are convicted of racketeering under the federal RICO Act, then you are facing a sentence of up to 20 years in federal prison for each count of racketeering, or, if the RICO charges include predicate crimes punishable by life imprisonment, such as murder, then you could be sentenced to life in prison.

  3. I had reservations to attend the Jan 6th rally but cancelled because I couldn’t find anyone that had the time and I didn’t want to go by myself. Am I on a list?

  4. They will continue charging Trump with this or that every time a scandal threatens the endlessly corrupt Biden Crime Clan. In an effort to make sure Donald does not reclaim those 5 states he narrowly won in 2016, the Dem media will smother voters with J/6 images and howling deadlines aimed at “suburban women” and “independents” .

  5. I have never believed in military coups, but I am starting to wonder if in certain cases they could be valid.
    Does stuffing the ballot box together with traitorous actions and denying justice to political enemies qualify?

    • There is no negotiating with tyrants. When sharing that we should become as hardened and fight like our enemies fight, I’m told many times, “we can’t be like them.” I respond, “Then we will lose.” Maybe not but likely if you can’t fight like your enemy they have the upper hand.

      I’m 75, I’ll do what is necessary however if it turns “ugly” I won’t last five minutes. When it gets ugly young people must step up. I’m not convinced the young people today (as a whole)(some do) have the metal of the great generation that lived through the great depression and WWII.

      I’ve come to the conclusion the Baby Boomer generation was the most spoiled generation in world history. After all our parents didn’t want us experience the likes of the great depression. They wanted for us what they did not have as children. Understandably! And the following generations were even more spoiled.

      But also I have become convinced that youth after WWII, starting with Baby Boomers did not have to be concerned about survival for the first time in all of history. (that’s big change) My parents and their peers had to grow gardens every year or there wouldn’t be any food. Many had to put meat on the table by hunting or fishing. Not so since WWII. Youth today in upscale western civilizations basically have little hardship compared to the youth of the past.

      Youth since WWII have lots of free time on their hands by comparison. My Great Grand mother who baby sit me in the 1950s was born just before the civil war. She would say along with her daughter and my mother “idle minds and hands are the devils work shop”. It’s seems to be.

      I’m so thankful that as a small boy I had to earn my keep on the farm with no electricity. 🙂 At six years I had to do my chores before breakfast no matter how cold or hot. Back then to the “Great Generation” it was call “good training,” regretfully today it’s call child abuse.

    • You may not be believer in military coups but the Marxists do, and that’s why they have staffed our military with woke cultural marxisits wealing skiet and with so-called soldierswho joined for free drag shws and sex change operations. They coulldn’t even defeat after 20 years a bunch of stone age tribesmen in sandes, are getting their butts handed to them in Ukraine, and you think theycould stage a coup? Betstheing they can do is keep the bathhouse towels warm.

  6. Too bad we have a gutless and leftist military in place or else they would arrest these traitors in the White House.


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