AG Clown World! Merrick Garland Testifies That He Knows Nothing


If ever there was a weasel politician parading around as a neutral law enforcement head, it would be Attorney General Merrick Garland. He knows nothing, he’s not aware, he evades answering questions, and he can’t comment on individuals because it’s dangerous. Garland claims he only works for the American people.
They didn’t turn him down. They just wouldn’t work with him in any way.

Mr. Gaetz: “You said [David Weiss] had complete authority, but he’d already been turned down. He wanted to bring an action in D.C., and the US Attorney there said, ‘No, you can’t’ β€” and then you go tell the U.S. Senate, under oath, that he has complete authority?!”

AG Garland: “No one had the authority to turn him down β€” they could refuse to partner with him!”

Mr. Weiss is in charge.

What does he know? Weiss is in charge!

I know nothing!

“Are you investigating who leaked the information that appeared in The Washington Post on October 6, 2022, about the Hunter Biden investigation?”

AG GARLAND: “Uh, I don’t know the answer.”

I don’t know of anybody talking to the White House.

Biden AG Merrick Garland: “No one that I know of has spoken to the White House about the Hunter Biden case β€” of course not!”

Garland is not aware and won’t answer the question.
Asked if he spoke with David Weiss about Hunter Biden, Garland said he, Garland, promised he “would not interfere.”
He wouldn’t answer the question, yet he claimed he did.
No Comment!

Rep. Matt Gaetz: “Hunter Biden is selling art to pay for his $15000 rent in Malibu. How can you guarantee that the people buying that art aren’t doing so to gain favor with the President?”

AG Garland: “Not gonna comment.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz: “Not gonna comment. Not gonna investigate.”

AG Garland: “That’s right.”

He is working for YOU!

He says he’s working for the American people. He hunts down Catholics, parents at Board meetings, and Grandmas who paraded in the Capitol and drags Republicans out of bed to raid their homes while CNN films.

Let’s fire him. I don’t want him working for me anymore.

Here’s Garland in his uniform:



  1. That lady Hageman from Wyoming, had Garland not spoke over her, was making a great point;

    Merrick Garland mentioned today about half a dozen times that Weiss was appointed by Trump,

    he obsessively said it many many times, even when it made no sense to say it again.

    Obviously , Garland’s point was that Weiss cannot be helping Democrats since he was appointed by a Republican…

    which would also mean that people help the party that appointed them.

    which would also mean that Garland – appointed by Democrats – is helping Democrats.

    Hageman’s point was great but Garland spoke over her it was confusing, hard to hear as both were speaking at the same time.

    Garland is not very bright, he did not realize that saying a million times Weiss was appointed by Trump also meant that himself – Garland – being appointed by Biden would mean he would help the Bidens.

    Garland is neither very bright nor honest.

    He also often said of documents ( memos, emails, etc ) in the hands of Republicans that they were allegations!

    When banks emit 170 suspicious activity reports or you have in your hand hundreds of emails, those are not allegations, they are evidence.

    Garland is not very bright. and he is a crook.

    He has to be impeached, fired, or spend some time in prison.

  2. I watched the whole thing and Merrick Garland at least half a dozen times asks the republicans asking him a question; ” is this hypothetical?”

    And why would he need to know that ?

    if you ask a judge, an attorney, a lawyer ; “is it a crime to rob a bank?”

    Do they need to know if this is a hypothetical question or if you are talking about a specific bank robber ?

    No of course they don t.

    it is a crime to rob a bank no matter if the question is hypothetical or is about a specific person.

    The reason Garland needs to know if the question is hypothetical or if the question relates to the Bidens is that he needs to know if he needs to lie and protect the Bidens with that lie.

    There is no other reason why Garland asked over half a dozen times if their questions were hypothetical or about a specific case; The ONLY reason he needs to know if it is about the Bidens is that he needs to know if he has to come up with some lie to protect the Bidens.

    Ask me if it is illegal to run a red light, I will not ask you if this is hypothetical or if this is about a certain person, I will tell you it is illegal to run a red light

    It is STRIKINGLY obvious Garland asks those questions because he needs to know when he needs to lie to protect the Biden crime family

    By the way aiding and abetting criminals – as Garland is doing by adapting his answers when they relate to the Bidens – is a crime.

    Garland should be at minimum impeached, but ideally should be in prison.

  3. Garland is a liar, a cheater, and a criminal. At least the past 5 US AGs have been criminals. Barr is the biggest, since he handled the 2020 election coup and the nationwide riots.

    The corrupt GOP greatly increased DOJ funding, including a big new FBI headquarters, in response to the crimes of the DOJ, the defiance of the DOJ to congressional oversight, and its repression of Americans. Strong action against the DOJ by the GOP was in ints great political advantage. This establishes the GOP “leaders” as complicit. McCarthy, Jordan, Comer, MTG, … all failed us badly.


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