AG Garland’s Appointment of David Weiss Is The Latest Act of Corruption


Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss as Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden case illegally. Impeach him!

We have one congressperson willing to do her job. Why is only one congressperson calling for impeachment?

Marjorie Taylor Greene

STATEMENT: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on Appointment of David Weiss as Special Counsel to Cover Up Hunter Biden’s Criminal Career

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene issued the following statement following today’s appointment of Davis Weiss as Special Counsel to cover up Hunter Biden’s criminal career:

“Today’s move by Merrick Garland to appoint David Weiss as Special Counsel to investigate (and in reality cover up) Hunter Biden’s criminal career is the latest action in a continuous pattern of corrupt behavior by Joe Biden and his regime. Behavior typically only seen in juntas in third-world nations or early twentieth-century dictatorships in Europe.

This is a cover-up, plain and simple. This appointment is designed to protect Joe Biden from his exposure to the serious and substantial investigation Republicans are conducting in Congress. This move establishes a firewall to protect the Biden family from their crimes of influence peddling and selling access to “The Brand,” former Vice President Joe Biden. Every subpoena, every record request, every transcribed interview, or any other effort in an impeachment inquiry will be be blocked by this corrupt and unlawful Special Counsel under the guise of an “investigation.”

Republicans, including the House Oversight Committee, have revealed more information on the crimes of Joe Biden and his son in just seven short months than the corrupt DOJ, especially David Weiss, have in years. That’s exactly why this plot to obfuscate, distract, and ultimately cover-up the Biden Crime Family’s corrupt business model is unfolding before our eyes.

The U.S. Attorney appointed today, David Weiss, is totally unqualified to conduct any sort of investigation into Biden crimes. Weiss has been derelict in his duty to prosecute Hunter Biden by ignoring mountains of evidence of tax fraud, evasion, and other crimes presented by brave IRS whistleblowers. Weiss has ignored mountains of evidence, most notably the famous FBI 1023 form directly linking Joe Biden to millions of dollars in payments by Burisma executives to have a Ukrainian prosecutor removed from office. And after all of this, Weiss gave Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal on serious charges where he wouldn’t face a day in prison. The entire prosecution of Hunter Biden by Weiss has been a coverup.

Not only is David Weiss unqualified to conduct this “investigation,” his appointment by Garland is illegal and violates federal statute. The qualifications clearly state: “The Special Counsel shall be selected from outside the United States government.” David Weiss is currently the U.S. Attorney for Delaware. Joe Biden’s Attorney General is breaking the law right in our face!

All of this is happening while President Trump is facing criminal charge after criminal charge in a political persecution like we’ve never seen before in America. Another DOJ Special Counsel, Jack Smith, has launched an unprecedented attack on the First Amendment, on President Trump and on his supporters. This two-tiered system of injustice being rolled out in our country is designed to scare the hell out of Biden’s political opposition and force us into the shadows.

If you fall in line with the regime, you won’t be punished for the most egregious crimes, but if you dare oppose the regime, your life will be ruined and you’ll be thrown behind bars. There is no clearer example than the treatment of violent and murderous BLM rioters, who had their charges dropped, compared to J6ers, who have been locked up for years.

Republicans have no other choice but to stand up against this unprecedented tyrannical regime and IMPEACH.

Joe Biden must be impeached. Merrick Garland must be impeached. David Weiss must be impeached. Jack Smith must be impeached. Virtually, every person in Biden’s corrupt, tyrannical regime should be impeached, convicted, and removed from office.

The Democrats are playing for keeps. They are throwing every political opponent they can in jail. Soon it could be you. Republicans must use every legal tool at our disposal. We have to fight back.”



  1. Weiss is not qualified to be a Special Counsel! Merrick Garland knows he does not qualify under the rules to be a Special Counsel. Democraps never follow the rules. Vote every POS out next election!

  2. Merrick Garland is a little lying slimy rat snake. He reminds me of the little butt-head kid in grade school that would snitch on anyone he could to gain favor with the teacher. I bet he was such a turd as a kid that even his imaginary friends would not play with him.

  3. This is total BS why not just tell the wishy washy republicans to go to hell instead of having a coverup that is so obvious this is a sham Garland should be impeached republicans are so two faced.

  4. You know better than that. A few members of congress have called for impeachment.

    Did you ever show us that rap video MTG was in, in the short skirt, on a throne, declaring herself MTG MVP, just after she supported the most leftist bill in history?

    Boebert, a real female hero, wrote impeachment articles over a year ago.

    MTG does not like someone more genuine that she, so she cursed at Boebert in session.

    Are you still watching too much of that RINO Channel?

  5. A YEAR now, I’ve been calling for Garland to be IMPEACHED AND REMOVED.
    Here is the list of particulars:
    Prosecutorial Misconduct
    Dereliction of Duty
    Abuse of Power

    What you witnessed today is a furtherance of Racketeering Garland has been engaged in since he took office.

    NO, Republicans shd NOT waste their time impeaching Biden. To what end? KAMALA? Besides, as Biden is NOT calling the shots, his impeachment would change NOTHING. But there CAN be ZERO justice, ZERO accountability in ANY legal matter as long as Garland is AG.

    CLEARLY there exists PLENTY of incriminating evidence to successfully remove Garland. And THANK GOD he did NOT make it onto SCOTUS.


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