Alarming Threat for Trying to Get Transgender Killer’s Manifesto


Journalist and talk show host Michael Patrick Leahy has tried to get the Nashville transgender killer’s manifesto released. It is in the public interest to get this. The FBI has told the public that it would be “dangerous” to release it.

Leahy is involved in a lawsuit to release the manifesto of transgender person Audrey Hale, who killed three students and three faculty members in March at a Nashville Christian school Hale had attended.

According to Just the News, Mr. Leahy, CEO of Star News, who has filed a lawsuit to release the manifesto, received an alarming threat on July 9.

Audrey Hale, transgender killer.

The Email

In an email signed by “Mike,” the writer says, “Michael Patrick Leahy … if it were not illegal to beat your ass up … I’d have done it months ago. I have called your show twice because you decided to pound home the transgender Audrey Hale while people who suffered were healing. You dirty potato eating Mick. If I see you on the street … I’m going to end your conservative slant eye ass.”

The email also reads: “I’m willing to go to prison to end you. You dirty drug addict-eyed Irish fool…you either end your talk show, or I’ll end your life in real time while you do it.  You have no right to the manifesto of Audrey Hale, and you just want content by obtaining it.”

The final line of the email, before the signature, reads: “Send the authorities. You’d better if you still want to live, Leahy.”

The email author was arrested and charged with harassment. His name is Michael Alonzo Rouse, 49.

His bail was $7500. He posted it, and he’s free to do whatever it is he does. You won’t hear much about this. It doesn’t fit any acceptable narratives.



  1. I suspect the “manifesto” will be desroyed or altered to remove explosive information on the people and organizations that programmed this degenerate to commit the massacre.

  2. I’ve noticed that every single news article about this suspect; uses his name given at birth; and neglects to mention the fact that he is actually a trans-women. I thought that was a hate crime these days. What gives??


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