All Who Drive in Here Will Pay a “Congestion Charge”


The Democrat hellhole of New York City has federal approval to charge residents and tourists a “congestion charge.” It’s another first for Joe Biden, Democrats, and Mayor Adams.

If you want to visit the best parts of Manhattan, it will cost you $23 during the rush hour. It costs $17 in off hours. However, expect that fee to increase.

It’s happening now because the congestion pricing plan cleared its final federal hurdle, The Federal Highway Administration, a spokesperson for New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said on Monday.

“With the green light from the federal government, we look forward to moving ahead with the implementation of this program,” Hochul, a far-left Democrat, said.

The place is a Hellhole, and now you have to pay even to enter in your own vehicle the most popular areas thanks to the congestion. It’s manufactured congestion caused by bike lanes, taxi lanes, construction, and shutdowns for lunatics parading around.

The Biden administration has already publicly backed the plan, as CNN reported:

President Joe Biden’s administration is set to allow New York City to move forward with a landmark program that will toll vehicles entering Lower Manhattan after a public review period ends Monday.

They say it will work like any other toll. The plan was delayed for years, but it’s here now.

Officials in New Jersey have sharply opposed the levy. People bound for Manhattan by car could see the costs of commuting skyrocket.

Just don’t go on the subway if you value your well-being.

Those complaints have been echoed in other cities like Los Angeles. It’s just another tax. The Marxist Democrats think all your money is their money.

Let’s not forget the states and federal government plan to charge for mileage while keeping gas taxes. They want you out of your car. ‘Coincidentally,’ The World Economic Forum wants 75% of drivers out of their vehicles by 2050.

Even a 90% tax rate is too high. They believe they have the right to tax endlessly to further their ideology.



  1. There’s no way businesses and restaurants will survive when the people stop going there. The bridge & tunnel tolls (taxes) are already out of sight. The Marxist dems love to stifle growth and prosperity.


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