Allegations of Treason Against Joe Biden Involve Ukraine


Rep. James Comer spoke with reporter John Solomon on Just the News  No Noise TV  show about the accusations of bribery against Joe Biden. The bribery involved policy decisions in exchange for money. Isn’t that treason? We now know the country he might have bribed is Ukraine. Is that why we are at war?

Joe Biden allegedly pocketed $5 million in the deal.

On his show last night, Rob Schmitt called it treasonous:


Comer said the version of the informant report he was allowed to review by Wray had about 10% redacted information. It made clear that the allegations were first reported to the FBI in 2017.

When pressed by the host, Mr. Comer admitted the bribery allegation involved the very corrupt nation of Ukraine.

“Yes, it is Ukraine,” Comer told the show when asked what country the alleged bribery involved. “This form 1023 involves a business person from Ukraine, who allegedly sent a bribe, a substantial bribe to then Vice President Joe Biden.”

Asked whether the allegation involved the Ukrainian Oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, Comer carefully demurred. “I probably better punt on that question. The name was redacted,” the powerful House committee chairman answered.

Zlochevsky owns Burisma Holdings energy firm that had hired Hunter Biden to a lucrative board and consulting job in 2014 when Joe Biden was vice president. Hunter had zero qualifications for the position except for his name and his father’s political power.

Comer said markings on the document he was shown – including footnotes – made clear the informant first provided the bribery allegations to the FBI in 2017 and then again one more time before he raised them a third time in the June 2020 informant report.

The Disinformation

Comer clarified that it has nothing to do with Rudy Giuliani, as the media has falsely reported. The evidence is in an FD-1023 with nothing to do with Mr. Giuliani.

What is clear is the FBI has had this since 2017 and has done nothing insofar as we can see.

On Thursday, Rep. Comer will bring contempt charges against FBI Director Wray.

After the hearing yesterday, Rep. Jamie Raskin lied and said the investigation was conducted and resolved even though he heard Director Wray say several times today that the investigation is ongoing.

Rep. Comer explained Jamie Raskin’s lies on Rob Schmitt’s Newsmax show:



  1. The information Giuliani provided almost 4 years ago included much evidence and seems entirely valid. Comer is the one who is years late, as he and his associates gave Rudy no support, back at that critical time, because they wanted Trump to lose. I do not know if Comer is trying to belittle Rudy, but I do know that Rudy is far more credible than Comer. Rudy had a record of acting instead of talking, Comer is the opposite.

    Regarding Solomon, he still advocates, and celebrates, the “slowly but surely” approach to investigating Russiagate and these other scandals. The nation is being destroyed, and Solomon looks like a fool.


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