Alleged Massive 2020 Election Fraud Exposed in Michigan!


by Mark Schwendau

An exclusive news report in The Gateway Pundit as reported by Benjamin Wetmore and Patty McMurray with input from Phil O’Halloran, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party’s Election Integrity Committee, and Lori Skibo, Director of the Michigan GOP’s Poll Challenger Program, has jaws dropping.

The story began way back in October of 2020, before the November General Election, when on October 8, 2020, Muskegon, Michigan City Clerk Ann Meisch noticed a female (Brianna Hawkins) dropping off between 8,000-10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city clerk’s office. A police document reveals that Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch and Deputy Clerk Kimberly Young contacted the police on October 16, 2020.

The Muskegon Police Department was asked to investigate this oddity. According to the Michigan State Police report, Mr. Fabus asked for Michigan State Police assistance with a joint investigation of alleged voter fraud being conducted by the Muskegon Police Department and the Attorney General. Tom Fabus is Chief of Investigations for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Office. He then worked in cooperation with First Lieutenant Mike Anderson of the Muskegon Police Department. An investigative task force was formed, and an investigation was initiated.

The importance of this story is what Meisch, the country clerk, reported may have been just the tip of the iceberg. For as Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson, who is a former Secretary of State, told the Gateway Pundit: “My estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan, including many individuals who moved or died, and even some individuals who were underage or non-citizens. Many were sent to people who had moved out of state.”

The Gateway Pundit and many other conservative websites have consistently held that there were unexplainable statistical anomalies in the 2020 election relative to absentee ballot data. When the term “systematic voter fraud” has been used, giving credit to Joe Biden’s admission in October of 2020, one instance of this suspicion has been trends across the state of Michigan, which appears to show systemic voter fraud among absentee ballots, a trend or pattern if you will.

Joe Biden did brag about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history.

Interestingly, the tip from Muskegon City Clerk Meisch was referred to the FBI. Just like the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell,” there’s no evidence the FBI did anything to investigate Meisch’s observation. It was reported that Bill Barr appointed DOJ attorney overseeing election fraud cases was notorious for political persecution against conservatives.

Former President Trump is under attack (indictments) for his right to free speech, claiming the 2020 election was stolen. This latest news report exclusively broken by the Gateway Pundit will go a long way in blowing the “Big Lie” as being the absolute “Big Lie,” meaning the actual “Big Lie” is there was no election fraud in 2020.

One cannot help but wonder if this is the second crack in the dam of misinformation after the reveals of the Hunter Biden money coming into the Biden family worldwide.

Copyright © 2023 by Mark S. Schwendau


Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.



  1. 2020 election fraud has been exposed over and over and over in state after state. Still…it goes unpunished, uncorrected, and unprevented for the future.

  2. As a Michigan voter I was horrified by the “voting” after the election. I felt my voting no longer mattered; the crims would just add 2 more fake ballot to compensate. And then the state began to kill so many innocents with their handling of the covid crisis.
    I not only want to see the Biden crime family on trial but also former governor Jennifer Granholm and her cabal as well as Gretchen Whitmer and her co-conspirators.

  3. Research this, Biden as a candidate flew to Michigan 5 or 6 times during a month to Michigan….we always wondered why? Where did he go who was he meeting with someting stinks.

  4. In a sane world where criminals would not be in the White house, in charge of the DOJ and in charge of the FBI,
    and in light of this UNDENIABLE evidence that there was voting fraud ( in as many as 20 states)

    — ALL January 6 protesters should be immediately released or their sentences reduced to no more than 3 month.

    — ALL indictments against Trump related to Jan6 or the 2020 election should be dropped canceled, erased.

    — An investigation 20 times bigger than Robert Mueller’s Russia-Russia investigation should start immediately.

    — After the investigation proves which Democrats ( and which RINOs ) were involved in stealing the 2020 election, All those people should be fired immediately and those who were deeply involved in the fraud should be sent to prison and have to compensate some of their victims financially.

    — Trump should be compensated financially for having been falsely accused, and should be reinstated as President for a period of a full 4 years.

    I have other suggestions but no one likes a long comment.


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