Alleged Ukrainian Drones Hit Wealthy Residential Area of Moscow


Over Two Dozen Suspected Ukrainian Kamikaze Drones Hit a Wealthy Moscow Region Within “Earshot” of Putin’s Official Residence – Several Injuries were Reported.

That’s not a strategic target. It’s more like a terrorist target.

The EU pleaded with Russia not to escalate its conflict with Ukraine after Tuesday’s drone attack on Moscow. The bloc’s foreign affairs spokesman, Peter Stano, said he is unaware of the details.

“We took note of the reports claiming allegedly that there were some drones flying over the region of Moscow. This is not really for us to comment on; we don’t know anything about the origins or about the details of it,” Stano said during a briefing in Brussels.

“The only thing I can recall and repeat is the strong call by the EU to Russia not to use such incidents as a pretext for further escalation of its illegal aggression against Ukraine,” the official added.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced on Tuesday morning said that the city had come under attack from drones.

“The Kiev regime launched a terrorist attack with unmanned aerial vehicles on targets in the city of Moscow,” a statement from the defense ministry said.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated that the attack was perpetrated by Kiev and claimed it had specifically been directed at civilian targets. The Kremlin, meanwhile, claimed that the raid was a Ukrainian attempt to exact revenge for a recent Russian strike on a decision-making center in Kiev.

“It is clear that we are talking about the response of the Kiev regime to our very effective strikes on the center, one of the decision-making centers. This strike took place on Sunday,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Some in the West claim Russia droned themselves.

Putin said they want them to start hitting Ukraine with drones.

Personally, I believe Ukrainians know the only way they can win is by drawing us into WWIII and the US knows that too.



  1. The Biden Plan for prosperity is to start WWIII, do away with the National Debt, and maybe 100 Million Americans in failing Big Blue Bankrupt Cities in the Process.

  2. Seriously, Russia is mad at this. How many civilians have the Russians killed in attacks? You want Russia to stop its invasion, start attacking rich and influential areas of Russia and kill those people and then see how fast the idea of peace is brought up.

    • How many did Ukraine kill in the shelling of the east republics the past 8 years? How about the biolabs? How about violating 2 neutrality agreements? The estimate is that 15,000 were killed in the US coup of 2014.


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