AMC Caves to the Mob, Cancels De-Transitioning Film


AMC Theaters canceled a documentary that gives voice to people who have detransitioned as children and regretted it. AMC caved to the transgender mafia at the Queer Trans Project.

The film – NO WAY BACK: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care – was scheduled to be released on June 21 in theaters across the US.

It features the stories of five people who have detransitioned. Child transitioning is a tragedy, and it’s going on nationwide. Children should not be subjected to these drugs and surgeries before they fully understand what they are getting into. Children can’t know.

If AMC did show the film, it would be a service for families considering this for their children.



  1. As usual, free speech only applies to the agenda of the left.
    Will Americans wake up or are they already too woke?

    How can 5% tell 95% what they can see, hear, or read about.

    The lack of not hearing the other side created million of victims for the mRNA vaccine worldwide and the longer term effects are still not known.

    John is right – SAD!!!
    Sick might also apply as the sickness of herd mentality keeps growing.


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