America Pravda Refuses to Report & Here’s Another Leak


Redstate received a bombshell leak from a national security source that US intelligence believes the Ukrainian Oligarch who bribed Joe and Hunter Biden might also be an SVR asset. SVR (Sluzhba vneshney razvedki Rossiyskoy Federatsii) is the Russian Intelligence Service, formerly KGB.

The person who provided the bribe has been named. It is Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of the Ukrainian oil & gas company, Burisma. He’s not the FBI informant whose name is still withheld.

“The US intelligence community has a high degree of confidence in their assessment of Zlochevsky as SVR. This is not a new assessment; the intelligence community under Obama knew this, and Obama was briefed on it. Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland were briefed as well.”

The CIA is completely discredited, and the leadership is not American. They’re tweeting about PRIDE month now. PRIDE month has one purpose, and that is to dismantle the country’s values from within.

We now know that we can’t trust anything from the US intelligence service. There is also the fact that everything is blamed on Russia. This sounds like it’s planted. We’ll see what follows. Given all that, it could be accurate. If true, is Biden compromised even more?

For those who don’t know what is happening, Joe Biden is credibly accused of bribery that could rise to the level of treason. He is accused of taking a $5 million bribe to force Ukraine to fire the prosecutor in the Burisma investigation case. In addition to the bribe, Joe Biden’s unqualified son and his partner were installed on Burisma’s board. Hunter was paid $50,000 a month for seemingly doing nothing.

The media is wholly and completely uninterested in the bribery-treason case.

Network news channels ABC, CBS, and NBC spent zero time on the alleged Biden “bribery” scandal, compared to 291 minutes on the Trump indictment, according to a Media Research Center (MRC) report.

MRC gave this clip as an example of the coverage. We aren’t just talking a double-standard. We’re talking American Pravda. Actually, we’re worse than the current Pravda. They put up a facade of honesty.



  1. Since the CIA is not credible, any story from it should be assumed false, without hard evidence. Intel helped put Biden in office, and then they coincidentally come up with a cover story for him, just as the exposure of another Biden bribe appears. The use of media outlets to publish unsourced stories & leaks has been normal procedure for the CIA & DOJ a long time.

    • They were so shocked that the rigged election of 2016 failed to put Hillary in power because they foolishly – like amateurs – underestimated how Trump was popular, that ever since that humiliating failure, they have turned the volume to 11 on disinformation…while assuring us that they are protecting us from disinformation.

      From Russia-Russia to “white supremacists are the biggest threat ever seen on this planet” , their lies are more fantasmagoric everyday…they are desperate.

  2. Are they going to tell us Biden – father and son – were fooled into accepting bribes by a Russian agent and are thus, not bad people, but victims?

    Are they going to tell us that that Russian villain was a friend of Trump, that the whole thing was planned by Trump in a desperate attempt at destroying the Bidens?

    Are they going to re-open the Russia Russia investigation and prosecute Trump …again ???

    Are they going to tell us that they are closing the file and not charging the Bidens with anything because like Hillary ” they did not have any bad intent” ?

    What the hell is going on ?


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