Angry & Abandoned Alberta Farmers Fight Wildfires on Their Own


Alberta farmers are fighting wildfires on their own, without permission. They say they were abandoned. Some Albertans say the fire was deliberately started for political purposes.

The residents were told to abandon all their animals and homes. No one was coming to help them. Government said the residents were not allowed to help because they get in the way when firefighters try to put out the fires. Only problem: The firefighting teams were cut and they don’t have enough to fight the fires.

“We want people to know that we were literally abandoned, and we have every right to be upset.

“If you turn around right now, you can see our army of public support coming down the road. That’s trucks from people that give a *hi* about Albertans in general, not just who’s in power and who’s got the money.

Alberta firefighting army

“We’re helping ourselves because we have to at this point, and we’re not, we can’t wait; the fire is not waiting for permission to put it out.

“Like are we supposed to just sit idly by and watch, OK?

“You guys told us to evacuate. You do what you have to do, and sometimes you might get in trouble for it. Too much at stake for us to be idle.

“We want people to know that we were literally abandoned, and we have every right to be upset.”

Full Video Explaining the Situation



  1. And another Justin Trudeau failure. Or should I say, Justin Castro? There is and I have seen the satellite video of several fires starting simultaneously. That just doesn’t happen. I wonder what these farmers in Alberta did to P off justin. Look at what happened to farming in countries like Sri Lanka and what they’re doing in the Netherlands. So maybe, since the tyrant has bought in to the WEF, it is part of the plan to destroy farming in Canada as the WEF has set as a goal supposedly to save the planet.

  2. Like Mao and Stalin, totalitarians seize the land early on in the takeover. This time it is the NWO. They want the production operations destroyed.

  3. Never forget what that dictator up there did to his own people during covid. Especially to the truckers. He’s destroying everything intentionally.


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