AP Prepares to Smear Free Speech Platform, Rumble


The AP [Associated Pravda] is preparing to smear Rumble. They can’t stand the competition, and they are without standards of fairness or ethics. 

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski posted on X, “If you thought the attacks were going to stop, you’re wrong. Imagine scouring for a few comments out of millions so they can report on it. Corporate media disgusting, evil, and misleading. This is what happens when they are scared shitless of the values we stand for. Bring it,” Pavlovski wrote, linking to a letter they received from the AP with a strong suggestion they respond immediately.

The media is gearing up to promote hate speech laws. The UN regulator – the EU Commissioner for Values and Transparency – Vera Jourova, said at the World Economic Forum the US will follow the Internet rules they set up. Hate speech laws are coming to the US, she also said at other times.

The media wants to tell you what to think, see, read, and write.

These were the questions the AP had the gall to demand answers to:
  1. How many active users does Rumble have? Can you give us any data to demonstrate how its user base has grown as a result of the traffic from the first GOP debate? How much has the platform grown its user base in the last year?
  2. What are Rumble’s content moderation rules? Are there certain types of content that will not be tolerated and will be removed?
  3. After Rumble’s partnership with the RNC, does the platform have other plans to get more involved in the political space?
  4. While Rumble says it is immune to cancel culture and has been lauded for that by some fans of the platform, others have criticized it for allowing, and even actively promoting harmful conspiracy theories, disinformation, violent ideas, and extremist views. When we reviewed the platform, we found the following:

a. Several videos on the leaderboard promoted QAnon conspiracy theories.

b. Some of the editor pics in recent weeks promoting baseless claims, including 911 conspiracy theories.

c. A search for election on the platform populates videos that falsely claim that the so-called deep state rigged the 2020 presidential election and that the 2024 election has already been rigged.

d. Comments under some of Trump’s campaign videos called for violence, including saying that Biden should be hanged, and that “a lot of gallows” should be built, and that Democrats should be executed.

e. Ahead of the first GOP debate last month, the GOP‘s official preshow on the platform was overridden with racial slurs and other bigoted comments. The episode has since been hidden from public view.

What is Rumble’s response to these findings and the criticism that allows and promotes the harmful content?

Again, it would be great to hear back from you by the end of the day tomorrow if possible. Happy to email or set up a time to talk by phone. Thanks very much.



  1. Dear Associated Press,

    you promoted many conspiracy theories, some that might have lead to people becoming violent, such as;

    — you lied and told us you had solid evidence Trump was a Russian agent…if someone had attacked Trump it would be because of you

    — you lied and told us hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were dangerous poisons that were useless against covid…people who could have been saved by those medications died in part because of you

    — when Trump won in 2016 many platforms such as Twitter allowed people to post comments where they said they wanted someone to murder Trump…you did not care about that.

    —On social media such as Twitter in the past both white and black people have posted comments where they were saying that white people should be murdered…you did not care about that either…

    I could go on with about 50 other examples.

    You lie everyday to protect the left and bash the right.

    Your hypocrisy is as repulsive as your evilness.


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