Armored Vehicles Heading for Gaza as a War of Good and Evil Begins?


A video online shows armored vehicles allegedly coming into Gaza from Jordan. It’s concerning since Hamas called for all Palestinians and Muslim brothers to rise up and flood Israel on Friday.

According to the New Arab, US armored vehicles were transported to the Palestinian Authority via Jordan in mid-September. The video could be from September if the New Arab report is even correct. These vehicles and weapons will be used to “enforce law and order” in areas under PA control in the occupied West Bank, the New Arab reported at the time. That being said, you can’t believe anything you read right now, or it could be a complete fraud. The clip could be from anywhere, but given the threats, it might be worth noting. Hopefully, Jordan won’t join with Hamas.

Hamas made it clear that they believe all of Israel is theirs, and they intended to kill every Jew. They’re psychopathic, genocidal maniacs filled with rage and hate.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called the massacre a “great victory.” If Satan were to come to Earth to give a speech, this is the one he would give.

“We are on the verge of victory,” he concluded: “Get out of our Jerusalem and our Al-Aqsa Mosque… This land is ours, Jerusalem is ours, everything is ours.”

Khalid Marshal, another Hamas leader, said, “We say one thing: Get out of our land, get out of our faces. Get out of our Jerusalem and our Al-Aqsa Mosque. We do not want to see you on this land. This land is ours, Jerusalem is ours, everything is ours.”

He went further, calling for all Muslim brothers and sisters to flood the Al-Asqa mosque on Friday.

One X user said it’s the Psalm 83 war. It does feel existential for Israel and possibly the United States. Our enemies are here.

Women and children are fleeing.

As an aside, Qatar is threatening to stop supplying gas to the West if the bombing of the Gaza Strip does not stop.

Demon youth at UW-Wisconsin, chanting, “Glory to the Murders!”

A Palestinian “reporter” [terrorist] documented the looting, kidnapping, and killings.



  1. After devastating losses by the surrounding countries the Arabs decided on a different strategy. It was realized Israel needed to be shrunk in order to give the Arab countries a better edge. This is why “land for peace” became the policy du jour. Sadat alluded to this in his speech to the Knesset and said giving up the Sinai was the ‘first step‘. One specific area is the area of the Jordan hills. Arab control of this area would give a great advantage for any further attacks. The “two-state solution” is part of that goal. As has been said, Israel gives up critical land for a piece of paper.

    It should be understood that the use of language is quite different in the Arab world compared to the West. The favorite words used by Islam is construed quite differently by the West. Peace and Justice are often used. These words strike a chord in democratic countries but don’t have the same meaning by Arabs. Peace = Absence of War. Justice = Sharia Law.

  2. Ii think it is very questionable that Jordan would send armor to Gaza. This looks like very bad reporting.

    Since there is a big conflict beginning, why wouldn’t Jordan secure its border? Do we want them to be like the US, and not protect themselves?

    Jordan has a history of neutrality. After seeing how much propaganda our government and media put out in Ukraine, I do not believe these stories. I need to see much more to believe Syria is shooting at Israel and Jordan is joining with Gaza.

    I am not one of Pavlov’s dogs.

  3. Glory to the Murders!” at the University of Wisconsin.

    1. Anti-Semitism is rampant among such haters.
    2. If they are executed by terrorists, will those who sing the praises of their executions be appreciated by those that knew them, or will people rejoice that they and their hateful ways are cleansed from the land. They certainly were not as innocent as those who were murdered in Israel.


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