As Brits’ NHS Faces Collapse, the US Moves Toward Single Payer


The Brits’ national treasure, the socialist healthcare welfare, is collapsing after 75 years. The potential collapse was always predictable. Even as it collapses, Joe Biden moves us toward the same system. Individual states are doing the same, including New York State under authoritarian Governor Kathy Hochul.

NHS Protest 2020
The New York Times published the news:

As it turns 75 this month, the N.H.S., a proud symbol of Britain’s welfare state, is in the deepest crisis of its history: flooded by aging, enfeebled patients; starved of investment in equipment and facilities; and understaffed by doctors and nurses, many of whom are so burned out that they are either joining strikes or leaving for jobs abroad.

Interviews over three months with doctors, nurses, patients, hospital administrators and medical analysts depict a system so profoundly troubled that some experts warn that the health service is at risk of collapse.

“Doctors and nurses face an endless stream of patients filling beds,” said Matthew Trainer, the chief executive of the N.H.S. trust that runs Queen’s and another nearby hospital, the King George. “For the clinical staff, that removes a sense of hope — that sense that what you’re doing matters.”

More than 7.4 million people in England are waiting for medical procedures, everything from hip replacements to cancer surgery. That is up from 4.1 million before the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020.

The bleak picture:

Mortality data, exacerbated by long wait times, paints a bleak picture. In 2022, the number of excess deaths rose to one of the highest levels in the last 50 years, and those numbers have kept rising, even as the pandemic has ebbed.

In the first quarter of 2023, more than half of excess deaths — that is, deaths above the five-year average mortality rate, before the pandemic — were caused by something other than Covid-19. Cardiovascular-related fatalities, which can be linked to delays in treatment, were up particularly sharply, according to Stuart McDonald, an expert on mortality data at LCP, a London-based pension and investment advisory firm.

Even as NHS face ruin and people die, Biden is moving the country to Single Payer. He recently turned back Donald Trump’s restrictions on the expensive Obamacare government plan. With a new health rule, he’s forcing everyone into heavily subsidized, highly-regulated plans. He’s back to forcing youth to pay for all the extras the government is taking over, such as maternity, pediatric, and other services.

Hochul in New York is moving toward universal healthcare and complete control over medical care in this state. Hochul is a controlling authoritarian.



  1. In my jurisdiction we used to have a “medical system” run by very capable doctors, nurses and administrators. It was leading edge. People travelled here to get procedures done. Many teaching hospitals opened up. Our system was great.

    Then socialists got in power. They made promises and promoted social justice. They introduced a single payer system and said it was fairer. However, they were so incompetent and blinded by ideology, they screwed up the economy, industry, and the medical system. The money is gone. Now we have a “healthcare system”. Healthcare means “as available”. The government won’t admit we cannot afford it and the system is deteriorating for everyone.

    We had something good and socialists/leftists broke it. I have not seen a doctor for 35 years and their are no family practitioners available due to attrition.

    Fair warning: eat well, look after yourself, and get a good first aid kit.


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