ATF Agents Show Up at Man’s Door After He Bought 2 Guns


A man’s ring doorbell system picked up an interaction you might want to see. An ATF agent knocks on a man’s door after he bought two guns on the same day. Another agent is standing around on the grass.

You have all heard that the ATF is compiling lists. They want that registry. Can confiscation be far behind?

“An ATF agent, according to the some of the reports out, knocks on his door,” Dan Bongino says, “and strangely doesn’t accuse him of a crime. Starts asking him about a couple firearms he just bought. How did they know that? Oh, the background system I’ve been telling you about.”

Bongino then played a clip of two ATF agents showing up at a man’s door to check to see the man’s guns. They said he bought two at once. They added there’s been an uptick of crime in the neighborhood.

Former Secret Service agent Bongino continued. “The left doesn’t care about background …they don’t. That’s not the point. It’s a proxy fight. The background check is a proxy for a list. Criminals don’t go through background checks. What are you an idiot on the left? Are you idiots? You think a criminal who goes to buy a firearm to commit a murder is going through a background check? He buys it on the street, you dunce.

“So why would you want a background check knowing it’s not gonna stop any criminal?

“You want a list. Notice what the alleged ATF agent says, ‘Hey there’s been a gun violence uptick in the area. We’re just checking in.”

Bongino makes a suggestion as to what you should say.

“Listen, all due respect, ‘You got a warrant? Thank you, but nice day!’ No, I’m serious, have a good day now. Respectfully, have a nice day. Thanks for doing your job or whatever, but I don’t do that. By the way, I don’t know why they’re taking part in this kind of stuff either.

“It’s obvious what’s going on. You take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. That gives that citizen … the right to bear arms. The only reason I’m restrained here is I don’t know all the full details why they were there. I don’t. That’s why I don’t get ahead of my skis, but if that guy did nothing wrong and this is just some checkup, I didn’t see that in the constitution. Check up on the right to bear arms section – I missed that.”

The Left is a mob of dunces, as we know. It’s merely an excuse.



  1. The left isn’t dunces, its a criminal cabal who steals elections with the sophistication of a spacecraft operation, it calculates how to use that stolen power to keep it and if that requires mass murder they are ok with that. That isn’t a dunce, that is evil

  2. My response….’Do the letters “FO” mean anything to you?”

    Anytime you can work in Smokey and the Bandit dialogue it is a good day.

  3. did I do anything wrong? No? then get the phuck off my property. until you have a warrant,get lost. communist coock s uck rr

  4. Slowly slowly they gain control this is communism or worse .The back ground check is nothing more than gun registration by the back door they are not supposed to use background checks like this but they do .We may never see another real election they will be rigged from now on until the communists are in control then anything goes they will kill you or worse this is what is coming if we are not careful and I think it will be soon. Bribeme is just a useful idiot some one else is giving the orders


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