Attacking Russell Brand with Unprovable Allegations


Deadline explained that Channel 4 and Rupert Murdoch-owned newspapers The London Times and The Sunday Times are behind the Russell Brand hit pieces.

There is no evidence. Four women alleged Brand raped them 10 or 15 or 20 years ago. The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case should have taught us to wait for the evidence.

The women were “approached by Times reporters” and convinced to tell their stories – that their ex-lover Russell Brand raped them. All four of the women had months-long relationships with Brand. They voluntarily went to his home.

Allegedly, other women are coming forward.

Stories like this shouldn’t be published without proof. They destroy people and deprive them of their rights.

Brand, a top podcaster worldwide, posted a video giving his side.

He described the attacks as “very serious” and “astonishing, rather baroque.”

“The relationships that I had were absolutely always consensual,” Brand said. “I was always transparent about that then, almost too transparent. And I’m being transparent about it now.”

Mr. Brand is a target of media and politicians. He takes them on and is called a conspiracy theorist. The allegations made against him are unprovable, and he can’t defend himself against them. They should not be made. It’s cancel culture at its worst.

He has 6.1 million subscribers on YouTube.

There are chats on Twitter discussing whether he’s guilty. This is insanity. One of the journalists on the story has a past with false stories.

Brand has a lot of supporters online.



  1. People who challenge the corrupt and evil system somehow suddenly get charges of rape which supposedly happened long ago publicized. This is called a smear tactic. Brand probably has money these gals would like.

    Intel operations seek these people out and utilize them.

  2. First of all I hate it when people make accusations of unfaithfulness and adultery without proof. I was a virgin when I married my wife and I through this day have never been in any sexual activity with any other women. Yet, behind my back, I have been attacked several times for some imagined sinful sexual activity. The sad thing is that too many people believed the lies and I have been damaged professionally.
    It always bothers me when many years after an incident that it is suddenly called rape. How often does someone commit adultery, and then in remorse and unwillingly to take responsibility decide the other person forced them. The despicable aspect is that such people make it unfairly difficult for real victims to obtain justice.
    Dowling reminds us of the Heard vs Depp debacle. In the end the jurors found
    Depp innocent and Heard a liar. She countered he won because he had more money. That was an insult to the jurors.

    Lying charges go back to ancient history, and many an innocent person has paid a horrible price, some even losing heir lives.


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