Attorney General Garland Sits for an Infuriating Puff Interview


Merrick Garland sat for a puff interview on ’60 Minutes’, misinforming and disinforming viewers.

The Attorney General said he is not in communication with Joe Biden or any member of the administration.

Garland said there is not one rule for Democrats and another for Republicans.

Garland was asked about timing, and he said the DOJ has strict rules about not prosecuting a candidate a month before an election. Apparently, investigating during an entire campaign is okay.

Byron Donalds responds to the Democrat case in this clip.

“Basic investigative practices were flatly ignored when it came to Hunter Biden. Conversely, they’re inventing ways to prosecute President Trump. I firmly believe that there is obstruction at the Department of Justice because there is no possible way the first Hunter Biden indictment gets to a federal judge without Merrick Garland knowing about it and reading about it, without Lisa Monaco, the deputy attorney general, knowing about it and reading about it. And frankly, with the two US attorneys, one in California and one here in DC, knowing what’s going on and ignoring prosecution, that only occurs if the Department of Justice is covering up.

“They’re blocking and tackling, and they are obstructing justice early on. When we broke news about the whistleblowers coming forward, I told Republicans I believe we have two tracks of impeachment. One is on Joe Biden; we all know the story, but the second is on Merrick Garland because Merrick Garland is the guy behind the scenes who is covering and tackling for Joe Biden and his corrupt family.

“That is a violation of the law, and he should go as well.

Pelley asked him if he was involved in the Hunter case, and he said that Mr. Weiss is making those decisions. Whistleblowers said Weiss was not allowed to pursue the serious cases. Hunter was offered an absurd deal whereby he could never be prosecuted for anything if he copped a plea with no punishment attached. The judge put a stop to that one.


Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Democrat prosecutors Jack Smith, Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, and Tish James are waging lawfare, election interference, and vindictive legal terrorism to destroy their political enemies. If you contest an election that Democrats win, they will come for you, just as they come for anyone trying to establish an effective free speech public square.


When Scott Pelley asked Garland about the timing of the indictments against Trump, Garland had an excuse lined up.

“Help us understand the timing. These prosecutions of the former president are happening during the campaign. You could make the argument that it’s the worst possible time,” Pelley said.

Garland claimed special counsel Jack Smith is following the evidence.

“The Justice Department has general practices about not making significant, overt steps or charging within a month or so of an election, and we are clearly outside that– that time frame in these cases. Prosecutors – special counsel – they follow the facts and the law where they lead. When they’ve– gotten the– amount of evidence necessary to make a charging decision, and they’ve decided that a charge is warranted, that’s when they bring their cases,” Garland said.

Scott Pelley replied, “The investigation itself has determined the timing?”

Scott Pelley replied, “Your critics say that it’s timed to ruin Mr. Trump’s chances in the election.”

“Well, that’s absolutely not true. Justice Department prosecutors are nonpartisan. They don’t allow partisan considerations to play any role in their determinations,” Garland said.

Garland Gets the Message One Way or the Other

Merrick Garland knows he’s lying. He might not speak with Joe Biden directly, but he doesn’t have to. They all know what to do. Business Insider reported on April 3, 2022 that Biden has privately said Trump should be prosecuted over the Capitol riot, per The New York Times. He reportedly called Trump a “threat to democracy,” according to two individuals with knowledge of his comments. Biden was frustrated with Garland’s lack of “decisive action.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland said on Sunday that he would resign if asked by President Joe Biden to take action against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

“I am sure that that will not happen, but I would not do anything in that regard,” he said on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” “And if necessary, I would resign. But there is no sense that anything like that will happen.”

Random Unfairness

The Justice Department is at the center of not only indictments against Trump that include an effort to overturn the 2020 election and wrongly keeping classified documents but also cases involving Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, the aftermath of the riot at the U.S. Capitol, and investigations into classified documents found in the president’s home and office. Garland has appointed three separate special counsels.

  • Garland’s special counsel, Jack Smith, is pursuing a classified documents case against Donald Trump but not Joe Biden, even though it is illegal for Biden to take classified documents as Vice President. Biden even stole documents from SCIF.
  • Merrick Garland threw MAGA grandmas in prison for entering the Capitol despite thinking they were allowed in and causing no damage. By those standards, Jamaal Bowman should get quite a stiff sentence in the DC jail for his crime of pulling a false fire alarm to obstruct Congress.
  • The DOJ has also gone after Trump’s allies. They’ve gone after protesting parents and Elon Musk, who established a free speech platform.
  • Garland’s DOJ indicted President Trump TWICE on inflated charges while shielding Hunter Biden from serious tax, FARA, and money laundering charges.
  • He has prosecuted and thrown the book at more than 1,000 protesters while ignoring Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who operated with the full encouragement of Democrat leadership. Kamala Harris even raised money to get them out of prison. Biden’s aides did the same.
  • Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to 22 years even though he wasn’t even at the Capitol on January 6.
  • Garland has locked up elderly pro-life activists for protesting at abortion clinics while ignoring leftist terrorists bombing pro-life facilities.




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