Attorney Who Did Nothing About Hunter’s Crimes Appointed Special Counsel


David Weiss, the US attorney who did nothing in the investigation of Hunter Biden, will now be the special counsel in the Hunter Biden case. He is also believed to be raging liar, pretending that he never said he wasn’t allowed to investigate Hunter.

This will shield Weiss from testifying under oath.



  1. Merrick Garland is a lying little rat snake. He reminds me of the little butt-head kid in grade school that would snitch on anyone he could to gain favor with the teacher. I bet he was such a turd as a kid that even his imaginary friends would not play with him.

    • And now he’s grown up to be the an even bigger one.

      In what was obviously the only act of Patriotism ever displayed by Mitch McCommunist, Garland’s confirmation hearing in the Senate was punted into the future and he didn’t get a life time appointment to do the same kind of harm that he has done to date.

      Honestly when you look at the cast of characters that Resident O’Bribem has in his Administration, whether he actually picked them or the ciminals of the O’Dinglebarry Cabal did, they all look to be meant to embarrass and shame our Country, e.g., Dr. Rachel (Charles) Levine, Pete Buttplug, Alejandro Mayorkas, Karine Jeanne-Pierre, Tony Blinken, Jennifer Granholm.

  2. Absolutely love this DOJ sideshow. Who can believe this is genuine…no one can!
    David Weiss an attorney in name in front of a contrived “special council in name, what Garland’s doing is trying to nip the impending hanging of Hunter-dude in the bud with an attempt at sandbagging it against a legitimate case.

  3. This should wake up you life long Democraps to see how corrupt this country has become. You can vote yourself into Socialism but you WILL have to shoot your way out! VOTE CHINA JOE out of office before it is to late!

  4. This is nothing but a coverup, now Weiss can refuse any questions from the house commitee’s “oh it’s an ongoing investigation, i can’t talk about it”

  5. The post-coup regime is so corrupt, with no opposition, that it does these blatant acts.

    Each time these corrupt actions occur, it again shows how weak, useless, and complicit, the RINOs are in the house and senate. The house and senate leaders deserve no respect whatsoever – they are oath violators pretending to be on our side, while their actions/inactions support the regime.


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