AZ Secretary of State Broke Election Law on Signature Verifications


Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) secured a massive win to restore the integrity of signature matching to authenticate mail-in ballots in Arizona last Friday. It’s not being advertised but National Pulse picked up the story.

The secretary of state had allowed a very low standard for signature matching [10%] in the 2022 Arizona election, which meant ballots were counted without a signature match. That is against state law. A state court ruled that the Arizona Secretary of State used illegal signature-verification methods in the state’s prior two elections.

The Superior Court for the County of Yavapai ruled that the Secretary, in permitting signature verification with documents that have no relation to the act of registering, “contradict[ed] the plain language” of the law.

In the decision, Judge John Napper wrote that the Arizona election “statute is clear and unambiguous” while adding, “…the legislature intended for the recorder to attempt to match the signature on the outside of the envelope to the signature on the documents the putative voter used to register.”

RITE filed suit in March.


As RITE has repeatedly argued, in court and through public comment, the Arizona Secretary of State must change his procedures before the next election so that signature matching can protect the integrity of Arizona’s mail-in balloting process. If he does not do so on his own, RITE is confident that the court will order him to do just that.

There were many problems in the 2022 election. As National Pulse reports Kari Lake was defeated by Hobbs by less than 20,000 votes. In the Arizona Attorney General race, Republican candidate Abraham Hamadeh was defeated his Democrat opponent by only 280 votes.

It wouldn’t have taken much cheating to get Democrats elected, and the signature verification issue is extremely important. Another issue was the problem with the printers.


Kari Lake has been a fierce warrior for justice and fairness in elections, and she has pushed the signature verification issue along with others.

According to her attorney, they found strong evidence of malware on the printers that caused the chaos on election day. Unless these problems are resolved, it will happen again next year.

They only lost because the plaintiffs allegedly did not have standing. It’s still being heard on appeal on teh 12th.




  1. If they ‘broke the law,’ why are they not being arrested and charged accordingly? Those actions, because they affected a national election, are far more serious than ANY of the Jan sixers who are now serving time for their actions. On top of that, there are public trust issues here.


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