Belarusian President Says He Can Use Russia’s Nukes Whenever He Wants


Belarusian President Lukashenko announced that he instructed the heads of the security establishment to “formulate an algorithm” for using the tactical nuclear weapons transferred from Russia. He emphasized that he did not need Moscow’s approval.

He said he’d have no hesitation using them.

“God forbid I have to make a decision on the use of these weapons in modern times. But there will be no hesitation, as long as there is aggression against us,’ Lukashenko told Russian journalists during a working trip to the capital Minsk earlier this week.

“The key is to use them when we are attacked,” said Lukashenko, who added that the weapons were transferred at his request. It was not for storage for Russia. “These are our weapons, and we will use them when necessary.”

Lukashenko believes no strings were attached to Russia’s gift of nuclear weapons.

Putin explicitly said the missiles would be held at a special Russian-controlled warehouse in Belarus. He noted that Lukashenko would have no access to them.

Nuclear weapons in Belarus

Lukashenko contradicted that. The bombastic dictator told Belarusian TV shortly afterward: “If the missiles are in Belarus, then, of course, I have control of them.”

On June 13, Lukashenko stated that a nuclear response to an attack on Belarus would be “immediate.” He said the bombs are a “deterrent weapon” stored in six different locations throughout the country.

Another lunatic country with nuclear weapons.

Lukashenko also boasted of his role in the attempted coup or whatever it was. He said that Putin decided to meet Prigozhin with force since Prigozhin wasn’t answering his phone calls. Lukashenko was able to get hold of Prigozhin.

The danger is increased by having Yevgeny Prigozhin in Belarus with some of The Wagner Group. Prigozhin has already shown how effective he is at forming a fighting force. He’s also a maniac who trains them to be the most ruthless.

When Prigozhin marched toward Moscow, the fear echoed in the Russian papers was that Prighozhin would seize the nuclear weapons. Now he’s in Belarus.




  1. A good thing is that this prevents the aggressively postured Poland from acting. Poland wants tactical nuclear weapons, but that story gets no coverage. Poland is now a western/NWO tool. Russia seems to have our corrupt west boxed in, in a historic defense posture which would make the history books if we had honest history.

    A western offensive would be reckless and lead to major harm in the world. We deplete our armaments and go broke, helping China. Any decent conservative patriot can look at this situation and admit our USA are the bad guys. The USA has done so much damage to itself that it has alienated the citizens and weakened them to the point in which we cannot field an army anyways. I hope we lose because that is best for the world and us in the long run.

    This is about the west breaking neutrality agreements. Russia agreed to neutrality also, but the west violated it. We see today that Putin has released the agreement he signed with Ukraine in April, 2022, to reinstate neutrality. The west nullified that agreement. That agreement is now public:

    • I am sick of the armchair patriots that throw up the ridiculous straw man ‘either or’ arguments. “Any decent conservative patriot” does not slander his country, denigrate it, or claim that it cannot field an effective fighting force. Clearly, you haven’t “been there” and seen what our true patriots are capable of doing.
      Sure would be enlightening to see from which country your IP originates.


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