Berlin Gov’s Handing Out a Prostitution Picture Book to Kids 6-12


The city of Berlin is handing out a book on prostitution to children ages six through 12. It’s downloadable on their website. The book titled, Rosie Needs Money, is about a mother from Bulgaria, who is forced to leave her kids behind to go to Berlin and have German men have sex with her for money.

The city of Berlin posted information about this graphic book on prostitution on its website. Locals aren’t thrilled. It’s billed as a resource for young children 6 to 12.

According to Equal Opportunities officer, Kirstin, Drobick, the book is designed to explain prostitution to children of families, residing in a red-light district of Berlin. They want children to know about this from a graphic children’s picture book.

The Western elite, currently in the process of destroying themselves, have run out of perversions to throw at children so now we have prostitution for children.

The book is written from the perspective of a child named Maryam, whose family relocated from Syria. Maryam and her schoolmate Martin look for Rosie, a woman from Bulgaria, who is in the sex trade. They want to find out what Rosie does with men to make money. The children call it making love and then Martin distinguishes it as having sex.

The left elites are destroying the West and don’t want children to be innocent.


Rosi Needs Money, children&… by Libby Emmons



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