Bernie Sanders OKs Slavery to Get China’s Cooperation to Save the Planet


Communist Bernie Sanders presents himself as an honest man of the people, but he threw it all to the wind for his climate change ideology.

He wrote a piece for The Guardian titled, The US and China must unite to fight the climate crisis, not each other.

The subtitle was, Cooperation is not only in the best interests of all countries, but is absolutely necessary for the survival of the planet.

Bernie Sanders

He wants us to stop talking about enslaving and torturing Uighurs so China will cooperate with us on climate change. He’s very naïve if he thinks they will cooperate with us. They’re playing us because of naïve people like Mr. Sanders.

President Xi laughing, probably at the West.

An Excerpt:

“In recent years, the rapidly growing Chinese economy has eclipsed the US as the world’s major carbon emitter. Right now, China is building six times as many coal-fired power plants as the rest of the world combined – the equivalent of two new coal plants every week. Last year, they quadrupled the number of new coal plants approved compared with 2021. Current plans will see China add as much new coal to its grid as used in all of India, the second largest coal user, and five times more coal capacity as the US.

“It is no great secret the Chinese government is undertaking many policies that we and the international community should oppose. They are cruelly repressing and interning the Uyghurs, threatening Taiwan, and stifling freedom of expression in Tibet and Hong Kong. China has bullied its neighbors, abused the global trading system, stolen technology and is building out a dystopian surveillance state.

“The US is rightly organizing its allies to press Beijing on these and other issues. But organizing most of our national effort around a zero-sum global confrontation with China is unlikely to change Chinese behavior and will alienate allies and partners.

“Most importantly, it could doom our planet by making climate cooperation impossible between the world’s two largest greenhouse emitters. We need to move in a bold new direction. Recent history provides some instructive examples.”

I guess he believes the climate change rhetoric and subscribes to the religion, but he’s willing to tolerate torture and murder as collateral damage.

President Xi Jinping must think we’re complete idiots. He’s laughing at us.



  1. Sounds like a Commie, they believe in enslaving he masses to serve the elite.
    Sanders obviously considers himself on of the elite.


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