Biden Acts Stupidly With PM Modi


If you believe the mainstream media, you likely think Joe Biden did a fine job during Prime Minister Modi’s visit. Democrat media want you to believe we exist under a normal U.S. presidency.

If you google, this is what you will see.

Star-studded dinner with the Biden crime family.

We can pretend the Biden family didn’t earn the monicker, “Biden crime family,” but the rest of the world knows. Hunter and Uncle Jim attended as if they deserved to mingle with the Prime Minister of India.


Time mag claims Biden affirmed tighter U.S.-India bonds, but that’s not true. This was the meeting that was supposed to convince the war-neutral Modi to go against Russia. India is the “I” in BRICS. The whole premise was moronic.

Joe Biden has once again made a fool of the USA. This time it was in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Biden invited Hunter to the dinner with the Prime Minister, rubbing the criminal Hunter in our faces, and embarrassing us before Mr. Modi.

At least he didn’t pick his nose this time.

In the clip, you will see the band play the India national anthem first and Biden putting his hand to his heart for their anthem. When he realized it wasn’t the US anthem, he slowly let his hand down. He thought he got away with it.


Joe awkwardly held Narendra Modi’s hand and wouldn’t let go, like your four-year-old would. You can see that in the next clip.

Biden’s magical train that will cross the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Africa is back! I can’t wait. It will cross 8000 miles of ocean.

“I’m very excited take a look moving ourselves,” Uncle Joe said, “and having a real way to go all the way across the southern two-thirds from the Atlantic Ocean to the to the Indian Ocean in Africa to be able to transport and do it cheaper and do it with less, less, how can I say it? Less carbon emissions.”

It’s so funny until reality hits and you realize what he is doing to our image in the world.

Democrats gave us their best candidate. Such a stellar performance. I wonder if they will use the 25th Amendment at some point and slip Michelle Obama into office. I know it sounds crazy, but what isn’t crazy under this administration? I’m including some Republicans in that.





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