Biden Admin Had Iran-Tied Officials in High Positions


A witness told the House Oversight Committee that Biden’s classified documents were found a year earlier than Joe Biden admitted. They were also handled by as many as five White House employees. The Committee is also deeply concerned about secret negotiations with Iran and demands information about Iran-compromised employees.


The Committee sent a letter addressed to Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken. It highlights concerns about the Biden Administration’s secret nuclear negotiations with Iran. The Committee is probing the administration’s apparent concealment of these details from Congress and potential violations of statutory obligations for congressional oversight.

“The Committee on Oversight and Accountability is investigating the Biden Administration’s efforts to conceal details about its ongoing secret nuclear negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran from Congress, ignoring statutory obligations for congressional oversight. The Administration’s lack of transparency is even more troubling in light of press reports about Iran’s direct role in this weekend’s horrific attack on Israel by Hamas and additional revelations that former Special Envoy for Iran (SEI) Robert Malley and members of his negotiating team may have had compromising ties to the Iranian regime. We request documents, information, and a briefing to assist the Committee’s investigation of these matters,” said the lawmakers.

The United States made recent concessions to Iran, potentially in violation of the Iranian Nuclear Review Act. These concessions occurred as Mr. Malley—the Administration’s top negotiator with Iran—is under investigation for the alleged mishandling of classified material. Mr. Malley already had a history of appeasing United States’ adversaries, including meeting with the terrorist group Hamas. The ongoing investigation into Mr. Malley’s security violations are so serious that he was suspended from his position without pay.

“According to recent media reports, a former member of Mr. Malley’s Iran negotiating team, Ariane Tabatabai, was in close contact with the Iranian regime for years. Ms. Tabatabai participated in the regime-backed Iran Experts Initiative (IEI), which was launched by senior Iranian Foreign Ministry officials in the spring of 2014. The alleged purpose of the initiative was to cultivate a network of European and U.S. researchers that could be used to bolster Iran’s image on global security matters, especially its nuclear program.

“Its members reportedly worked very closely with the Iranian regime toward this end. Incredibly, despite her previous contact with Iranian regime officials through this unofficial regime-backed network, including consulting with them regarding her potential travel, Ms. Tabatabai is now a high-level staffer within the Department of Defense, where she continues to hold a security clearance,” continued the lawmakers.

This is deeply concerning in light of the Hamas attack on Israel and a seeming lapse in intelligence in the US and Israel.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn is also demanding answers from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin about Ariane Tabatabai, as an anti-Israel senior Pentagon official connected to the Iranian Foreign Ministry. We need to know whether her ties to Tehran have influenced her decision-making at the DoD.




    • Abedin’s parents were involved with anti-USA terrorists.

      If I am not mistaken Michelle Bachman had published a very detailed report about a lot of suspicious things Muslims in the USA were doing and that is where we learned that Abedin s parents were connected to anti-USA terrorists.

  1. It’s pretty hard to believe that both Israel and the US could have this kind catastrophic failure of intelligence. That is unless there were traitors in their midst. For starters, here at home, Mr. Malley might be worth a good long look.

  2. I have been saying it for a while and I will say it again; Democrats have become the enemy within.

    Almost everything they do is bad for the USA and good for everyone BUT the USA.

    Open border? bad for USA, good for everyone else.

    Secret transactions with Iran? Bad for USA, Good for Iran

    Leaving behind 80 Billion dollars of military equipment ? Bad VERY bad for the USA, GREAT for Afghanistan and any terrorists who might want to buy some of that stuff

    Letting a spy balloon complete its 3000 miles flight before destroying it? Bad for USA good for China

    Releasing criminals early, giving them short sentences, defunding the police ? Bad for the USA, good for criminals

    Moving away from Petrol ? Bad for the USA , Great for China

    I could go on,

    it is actually hard to find anything Democrats do that is good for the USA


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