Biden Administration Mandates OT for Low-Salaried Workers


The Biden administration is mandating private businesses pay time-and-a-half to a greater number of low-salaried workers. They say businesses are inflating titles so they don’t have to pay overtime.

About 3.6 million additional low-salaried workers would be entitled to overtime pay under a new proposal from the Biden administration. The proposed rule would lift the cutoff for the overtime from its current level of $35,568 to $55,000 annually.

This is to allegedly correct an “outdated” system with lower-paid workers.

The cleaning lady.

It was updated four years ago with a 50% increase to $35,568.

Currently, there is a salary threshold for time and a half pay. Under this rule workers earning less than $1,059 a week would receive time and 1/2. It will have the biggest impact on retail, food, hospitality, manufacturing and other industries where many managerial employees meet the new threshold.

It’s also industries where a lot of the new illegal aliens work.

Prices will increase.



  1. Anyone working more than 40 hours per week should receive overtime pay. It creates incentive to give more of one’s life away to their employer. No one should be forced to work overtime. But that will never happen.

    • You mean we on old age pensions don’t get those extra benefits while food, housing and transportation costs go through the roof?


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