Biden Did Not Track Millions of Illegal Crossers


The Republican House Judiciary Committee staff released a 61-page report showing how the Biden administration failed to monitor illegal crossers on the southern border.

They also failed to remove 99% in 11 months through court proceedings.

“The report presents newly obtained data and information that reveal the Biden Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has failed to remove more than 99 percent of illegal aliens, through immigration court proceedings, released into the country by the Biden Administration between January 20, 2021, and March 31, 2023, alone.”

“The number of illegal alien encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border exceeded 2.2 million in the first 11 months of FY 2023. The report also shows that the government has “no confirmed departure” for more than 2.4 million illegal aliens encountered.

Border Patrol cannot do their jobs.

“The numbers continue to explode. Border Patrol agents aren’t being allowed to do their jobs; instead, they are put behind desks and tasked with processing paperwork. The lack of law enforcement on the border contributes to the rise in illegal entries.

Because of the unprecedented border crisis, some Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have been forced to abandon arrests and removals of aliens, including criminal aliens, to process the illegal aliens who have arrived at the southwest border,” the report states. “Meanwhile, the Biden Administration’s own policies and so-called enforcement ‘priorities’ have contributed to reduced arrests and lower removals of aliens.”

“The Committee and Subcommittee will continue to conduct oversight of the Biden Administration’s radical, open-border immigration policies,” it adds. “This interim staff report highlights the failures of President Biden’s immigration agenda and helps to inform the House on legislative reforms to secure the border, reform immigration law, and end the far left’s policy incentives driving the crisis at the border.”

The Biden administration insists that the southern border is secured and closed. No one could believe that lie.

The White House lied and denied the report’s findings. They had the gall to blame Republicans for the Biden border crisis.

“This so-called report is full of lies from House Republicans who continue to play politics while sabotaging President Biden’s work to ramp up enforcement and personnel at the border,” a White House spokesperson told Fox News Digital in a statement.

The statement added that the president has requested $4 billion from Congress months ago to deploy thousands more troops and border agents to the border, install new support officers with new equipment, and fund “new detection technology” to intercept the flow of fentanyl across the border.

“House Republicans have refused to act on this request and provide DHS the tools to safely and humanely manage the Southwest Border; they have been pre-occupied posturing and bickering,” the spokesperson continued.

This administration is pathetic. Their lies are dangerous and endangering Americans. We are on a suicidal path, and it might already be too late.

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  1. They do not want to track the invasion which they organized. That would allow the invaders to be found and removed. Crooks cover their tracks.

    I see no tears in the USA for the 10s of thousands of fentanyl deaths a year.


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