Biden Doles Out Hundreds of Millions of $$$ to Blue Cities for Care of Illegal Crossers


As the Feds plan to borrow another trillion dollars while the world is de-dollarizing, FEMA is giving $363.8 million to nonprofits overseeing the country’s downfall so they can feed, shelter, and drive illegal crossers around. The crossers are unvetted and don’t belong here.

“The Shelter and Services Program provides funds to non-federal entities that provide sheltering and other eligible services to noncitizen migrants who have been encountered by the Department of Homeland Security and released from custody while awaiting the outcome of their immigration proceedings,” FEMA said in the news release.

You know how I’m not allowed to say they are replacing us? Well, I won’t say that, but they will take over over culture and our politics. Many crossers are criminals, terrorists, foreign enemies, and deadbeats. Some might want to blow us up, but others will just want to destroy us incrementally from within.

Taxpayer dollars are going to BLUE SANCTUARY CITIES – $200 MILLION of the $363.8 million IN FACT.

Let’s reward the sanctuaries that lure these people in – it makes sense if you’re trying to destroy the country.

Washington Examiner reports:

The money is intended to last the 34 beneficiaries through September 2025. It’s an indication of how long the government expects the border crisis to persist.

In other words, they want it to go beyond the election in case they don’t get back in after cheating and buying the election.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden just babbles and walks around in a daze, and we get to pay for our own demise.





  1. What lucky people we are…our tax dollars are being used against us…big time. Complaints are met with ‘swat teams’ and if you are a ‘former President’, with NON STOP spurious litigation…

  2. …And the Republicans in the House have effectively enabled him by raising the debt ceiling.

    …And people wonder why many nations are fleeing the increasing unstable dollar? As Biden drives the US economy into the ground, who would want to be tied to the dollar.

    Wonder why people invest in crypto-currency?

    My mother was in Germany as a visitor until mid-August 1939 where the joke was it took wheel-full of DM to buy a loaf of bread because the inflation was so out of control.

    • Hey, according to the ‘media’, the feds have inflation ‘under control’… Wish I had some ‘swamp land’ to sell…


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