Biden “Forgives” $9B in College Loans for a Total of $127B


Once again, Joe Biden has ignored the Supreme Court ruling and found a way to hand out $9 billion tax dollars to people who took out college loans, CNN reports. He’s doing it with your money, which now totals $127 billion.

In a 2021 article, Putting student loan forgiveness in perspective: How costly is it and who benefits?, Brookings estimated that forgiving all student loans would cost less than $1.6 billion.

He likes to call it debt relief as he indebts US taxpayers. He approved this so-called debt relief for 125,000 student loan borrowers, totaling $9 billion in “forgiveness,” the White House announced on Wednesday.

Despite the Supreme Court striking down Joe Biden’s loan forgiveness program, he’s working his way around it with several other programs. The third branch of government is meaningless to Joe Biden. Also meaningless is the burden he’s placing on the average American who has to pay off other people’s debts and doesn’t get a degree for the money.

The cancellations come through three different existing debt relief programs that they claim are “plagued” with problems. He calls these “fixes.” This is a clever and deceptive use of language. The Democrat White House also used the phrase that’s become so popular for any law or program Democrats want to ignore: he’s fixing “the broken student loan system.”

For example, he keeps calling the immigration system broken when it’s not broken. The problem is he ignores all immigration laws passed by Congress. The same thing is happening here with the student loan system. Democrats are gradually making all education PK-12 free at US taxpayer expense. It puts the State in charge of all education.

A White House official said the total approved debt cancellations come to $127 billion for nearly 3.6 million borrowers “so far.” He’s not done. That came from CNN.

He’s – Democrats –  are buying votes. These are potentially 3.6 million votes, and he did it with $127 billion that we have to borrow from China or print, lowering the dollar’s value. Biden and his Democrats are trading our children’s future for votes today.

He’s taking your money to put the State in charge.



  1. Isn’t anyone going to sue him again? I would hope so. He’s cancelling student loans in dribs and drabs eventually getting rid of most of them.


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