Biden Has 6 Names for MAGA Republicans in Nasty Clown World


Mark Levin says we have a new America where a president calls half the country names. Levin noted on his Sunday Fox show, “We’re not used to this in American history.

Joe likes to give the impression that he’s kindly old Uncle Joe but listen to him alienate half the country while calling for unity.

Biden hates you

“Joe Biden gives speeches in which he trashes the American people, just like Hillary Clinton does, just like Barack Obama does,” Mark Levin said. “That threesome: deplorables, white supremacists, insurrectionists, threats to democracy, racists, semi-fascists. This is new in American history. We’re not used to hearing so-called leaders talk about the American people this way or half the American people this way.

“It really started with Obama, and it was picked up by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden,” Mark continued. “He’s not smart enough to think for himself. When he first came to the Senate, he picked up the language of the racists and segregationists – Eastland, among others from Mississippi. Then he picked up the language and the hate of Ted Kennedy, which was used against conservatism, Republicans, and now, of course, he’s picked it up from Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

While he didn’t say it, most of what Biden says fits him.



  1. FJB’s ‘get off my lawn’ photo
    says it all

    get that guy a vanilla cone
    and shove him in some corner
    until Trump decides what to do with him and his corrupt family,
    and entire corrupt cabinet and staff


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