Biden Promised Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine


The Biden administration will send long-range missiles that can reach inside Russia to Ukraine’s President Zelensky, escalating the war. The administration has incrementally escalated while claiming Russia is the only one escalating.

We are heading for World War III. We have an administration that casually talks about war with Russia and nuclear war. In contrast, we have incompetents in power while giving away all of our munitions to Ukraine and leaving our borders open to our enemies.

Ukraine has asked for the Army Tactical Missile System, known as ATACMS, which would give Kyiv the ability to strike targets from as far away as about 180 miles, hitting supply lines, railways, and command and control locations behind the Russian front lines, NBC News reports.

Defense officials have said the U.S. does not have a large stockpile of excess ATACMS, which have a bigger payload than traditional artillery, to provide to Ukraine. Also, some in Washington have resisted supplying the weapon, known colloquially as “attack-ems,” out of fear that it would widen the war with Russia.

Of course, it will widen the war. Of course, it is an escalation. They’re building up to sending US troops in to be killed. At the same time, our borders are wide open. Any enemy can come in to destroy us from within.

Col. Macgregor says the Ukrainian phase is over. They don’t have any more troops to throw at them and are losing men at the same rate as we did in World War I. So now, we are giving them long-range strike missiles. They can hit Moscow and Crimea. It’s an invitation to a broader war. The RINOS, Romney, Pence, and Graham have said we might have to send US troops. Macgregor says we are not prepared for direct conflict.

He also says the Zelensky government is highly unpopular in his own country.

He insists that Russia wants a neutral Ukraine, and having that distance between NATO and Russia is a good thing. As he says, we’d have to move equipment and troops over there while all Russia has to do is bomb our allies.



  1. This decision is typically cast as a possible escalation which Biden wants to avoid. Absent: Any hint that Biden might actually want war with Russia, to enhance democrat prospects for staying in office in 2004 going forward.

  2. I read Ukraine attacked Sevastopol again at the Fleet Headquarters. It appears once again it was facilitated by US reconnaissance aircraft, namely a Global Hawk and an AWACS. Afterwards an anti-submarine aircraft entered the area. It may be at some point Russia will shoot down every reconnaissance aircraft within the Black Sea area. No longer can the US, or NATO for that matter, come out and say “we are not a party to the conflict”. Only a flaming idiot would believe such trash.


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