Biden Terrorizes a Baby with Licking/Nibbling Spree


Joe Biden, in the throes of a dementia event, started licking and nibbling at a poor, terrorized Finnish baby this week. The little one tried to get away. Even babies know better.

It’s another first for Joe – stranger-baby-licking. Fresh from cocaine baggie-gate, Joe is out licking, possibly sniffing again.

Biden was in Helsinki, Finland, when he began his baby torture-fest as part of his NATO summit to convince people NATO is strong and competent.

He’s probably just creepy because he has mental problems, but who knows? He did shower with his daughter and niece when they were children.

Biden moved in on the little child, licking, making chomping motions with his mouth, and the child tried to escape in her mother’s arms. He backed up and then moved in for the kill, perhaps a sniffing or another licking motion, when she appeared horrified.

Usually, you don’t show such familiarity with a stranger’s child, but he’s boundaryless at this point of his dementia.

If you google this incident, it’s very funny. The fact-checkers say things like:

Video edited to make it sound like Biden loudly sniffed a child.

No Biden did not sniff a child.

Biden did not touch a child.

No, Biden didn’t sniff or fart at a child.

Biden makes a little girl sit on his lap. It looks like he sniffed her.

When have you ever had fact-checkers having to debunk any President like this – other than Biden? I rest my case.




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