Biden Violates the Iran Nuke Agreement for a Prisoner Release


Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill are demanding answers from President Biden about an apparent “nuclear understanding” with Iran. It appears to violate the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015.

Laws mean nothing to this administration. When he’s not telling colleges and universities to ignore the Supreme Court, he’s finding illegal ways to circumvent Congress using rules and regulations.

The letter, sent by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX), House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA), and House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY), expresses the “significant concern” the House lawmakers have with recent reports about Iran’s activities and the Biden administration’s talks with the regime.

As the letter states, Iran has reportedly “diluted a small amount of 60% enriched uranium in recent weeks and slowed the rate at which it is accumulating new material,” which coincided with a “deal for Iran to release five American hostages in exchange for several Iranian prisoners and access to at least $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets held in South Korea and potentially billions more held in Iraq,” reports Townhall.

The deal, publicly confirmed by the administration earlier this month, unfreezes $6 billion of funds held in South Korea from Iran’s oil sales to release the five Americans recently transferred to house arrest in Tehran. The U.S. also plans to release some Iranian prisoners in the agreement, reports the Hill.

The Washington Examiner reported it rewards “Iran’s implacably hostile regime for seizing American citizens and incentivizing Tehran and other outlaw regimes to take more hostages.

The $6 billion ransom is a downpayment in an emerging “informal, unwritten agreement” that President Joe Biden naively [stupid] thinks will reduce tensions with the nation repressing its own people and planning to obliterate Israel and the United States.

Biden’s State Department has already quietly granted backdoor sanctions relief to Iran by allowing Iraq to transfer $2.76 billion to Tehran to pay for energy imports. They also relaxed the enforcement of sanctions and turned a blind eye to Iran’s illicit oil exports to China and other destinations. Iran now exports 1.5 million barrels of oil a day to China, the highest figure since 2013, the Examiner continued.


In December 2017, Josh Meyer wrote an explosive exposé of the former administration looking the other way as Hezbollah’s criminal operations in the United States grew. He suggested it was to get the terrible Iran deal through.

Meyer interviewed the supervisor in charge of the ATF operation. His job was to investigate and bring these terrorists to justice. Derek Maltz, who did not point fingers at any administration, dealt with the facts. He was kind enough to write several articles for us last year. You can read one of his articles here.

Hezbollah is very active in Latin America. In 2015, John Bolton said: “Three years ago, the Justice Department indicted senior officials of the Revolutionary Guards who conspired to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington by infiltrating through the Mexican border,” Bolton said.

They are deep into the drug trade and all illicit activities, doing business with international criminal organizations, including the Zetas. The Zetas control the illegal drugs in New York City and Long Island— their territory.

We have open borders, and many Iranians, Chinese, and Russians have come through.

Watch this Iranian strategist talk about sleeper cells.




  1. There is evidence that the cartels give a cut to people such as Katie Hobbs.

    Which is why many democrat politicians are fine with open borders and the presence of cartels.

    Cartels probably help rig elections as well.

    There was a video of a team of investigators presenting facts about this at gateway pundit many months ago.

    This is not conspiracy theory, this is real.

  2. Let’s face it at this point Biden has very little or no capability to accomplish anything. Look behind the curtain and that’s where all these stupid progressive decisions are coming from. Wake up!!!!! MSM you have been sold a huge bag of $HIT!!!!


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