Biden Wants to Mandate Migrants Remain in Texas


According to the LA Times, the Biden administration is considering forcing some migrant families who enter the country without authorization to remain near the border in Texas while awaiting asylum screening, effectively limiting their ability to travel within the U.S., three U.S. officials told The Times.

Why aren’t they remaining in Mexico??? You can’t make this stuff up.

There are so many illegal aliens in Texas that it’s become a minority-majority country. Democrats wanted to turn Texas blue for their permanent electoral majority, and it looks like they have it once these people get amnesty.

The regime claims it’s a way to stem recent increases in the numbers of migrant families crossing the southern border.

[He might just want to keep them out of his blue sanctuary cities.]

The Times article tries to draw parallels with President Reagan and then makes it sound as if they were all sent by Gov. Abbott. The aliens are just getting to New York on their own, and they travel at taxpayer expense thanks to Secretary Mayorkas send them wherever they want to go. Gov. Abbott hasn’t sent all that many.

The three officials told the Times that they would try to keep them in Texas with ankle monitors [which they rip off immediately]. They would rush them through asylum screening and have local organizations provide housing.

The Left has targeted Texas.

There are a good 6,000 a day crossing illegally into Texas, and Biden wants to keep them all in Texas. Does anyone have a problem with this?



  1. Aw, they wouldn’t be ripping off those ankle bracelets, would they? That’s illegal. But even with asylum, they couldn’t vote, could they? That would be illegal. And after all, the Texas bastions of secure voting like Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, wouldn’t let them vote, would they? And these criminal trespassers and those trying to turn Texas blue by any means wouldn’t break the law by letting them vote, would they?

  2. Remain in Texas, is the administration policy for illegals. How about, REMAIN IN MEXICO. Doesn’t that sound like the real solution?

  3. Abbot needs to insure that all the illegals in TX are counted – then insist on a reapportionment of House Reps per population count (now, not 2030). Would be a large shift of Congressthings from CA and others.

  4. The only effective action for the states is defiance. No dancing around and talking tough is acceptable.

    Communist mayors and governors are complaining to Biden, so by golly let’s just keep the invaders in Texas.

  5. IF Talibiden thinks he can make Texas keep the illegals in Texas, then Texas has the right to do whatever is necessary to keep them out of Texas. That means the floating barrier is a Texas issue and the Vacationer in Chief needs to go eat a pudding cup and keep his nose out of our business in Texas

  6. That moron Biden is a blank…It’s his bosses in the Empire State (home of the world order the United Nations) that want it done…

  7. Biden wants to break the law… again.
    He doesn’t have the authority to control what a State does… especially a State that’s being directly impacted by his administration’s refusal to protect the people and the States from illegal immigrants.
    NYC is complaining about 100,000 illegals, while Texas is dealing with 7,000,000

  8. FJB! Keep sending them to Sanctuary cities! They want them they can have them. They are learning that the Democrats are liars and will vote Republican! Texas is going to sue Biden and the Government for the money they have cost Texas!


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