Biden Went to Maui, Talked About Himself and Invented a Story


Joe Biden flew to Maui today in between vacations to talk about the 1972 death of his wife and daughter. He said a truck plowed into her when, in fact, she ran a light.

Thousands of people in Maui lost everything. Children died. Houses are destroyed, and this guy starts talking about himself.

He’s offered to give each a one-time $700 payment. That’s insulting. We pay taxes in part to take care of these catastrophes, not start wars we can’t afford and shouldn’t be involved in.

The Totally Fake Story

Biden lied and made up a story about losing a home and almost losing his wife. It’s just so demented. He has no feelings for these suffering people. Everything is about his creepy self.

“We have a little sense, Jill and I, what it’s like to lose a home. […] I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette, and my cat.”

“Heh, heh, all joking aside…”

He was talking about a kitchen fire. That’s the truth.I know it’s hard to believe that’s what it was.



  1. Hawaiians will still unhesitatingly vote for the next leftist slate of candidates.

    I see native Hawaiians as very involved in the mishandling of the disaster, for example, the water and emergency heads. They cannot blame Europeans for the loss of their precious lands.

    The governor so far is not taking heat but he should also.

    The officials are stalling the body count to let the story die down more, this is all about damage control.

  2. His dementia is rapidly advancing to the point that even a slavish, corrupt media can’t hide it. His stopover “vacation” was probably planned to ease the huge adjustment he’d have to make in going from a D.C. time zone to Maui time. It didn’t help. Dems will dump him, however & whenever they want, once legit polling shows him losing to Trump or any other GOP nominee.

    • It is going to be difficult for them to get this stubborn and self absorbed Biden to drop out, especially after he starts winning delegates. Everyone is scared to get into the race because they know the vindictive Biden will try to damage their careers, Biden plays dirty. Look at the monster they created. Godzilla is in town, try to get him to leave.

      • If Dems think he might lose, they’ll “Make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Power hungry Democrats likely have at least as much dirt on Biden and his corrupt crime family as China and Ukraine. His decline is now so rapid and pronounced they could tell him to sign almost anything and he wouldn’t know the difference.


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