Biden Wins Appeal and Can Censor Americans Again – for Now


Biden won his American censorship appeal.

The United States Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, will allow the executive agencies to talk to Big Tech again with the goal of censoring Americans’ speech. The Appeals court temporarily lifted a federal judge’s order blocking several government agencies and officials from contacting Big Tech.

The Biden administration went judge shopping to a three-judge panel of the New Orleans 5th Circuit. They issued the stay.

The stay is until “further orders” when oral arguments are given on August 10th.

How it this even a question?


A Federal Judge in Missouri v. Biden granted a preliminary injunction prohibiting the FBI, DOJ, DHS, and other agencies from working with Big Tech to censor social media. It’s a big win for the First Amendment on Independence Day.

The entire government censored Americans. They censored highly respected doctors during the pandemic, and no one is allowed to question the election or the war that has us on the brink of nuclear devastation.

Federal Judge Terry Doughty issued a broad injunction against the Biden administration from censoring online content in a 155-page ruling issued ten days before.

Biden can sic his agencies on Americans, at least until August 10th.
How Do People Like KJP Have the Right to Censor Americans?

Officials affected by this ruling include Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Jen Easterly, who heads the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and dozens of other Department of Justice and FBI employees.

These officials targeted Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lahren, RFK Jr. and others.

“Email chains between high-ranking White House officials and social media platforms specifically targeting certain individuals such as Robert Kennedy Jr, Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lahren, and others — directly targeting them and asking those social media platforms to take their content down,” disclosed Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

“We also saw from the FBI evidence which showed that they knew the Hunter Biden laptop to be factual and yet didn’t tell the social media platforms that as well. So there are a number of things that as we uncovered information in the discovery process of this case that was shocking to us.”

The Biden administration wants to keep censoring Americans they disagree with. Consequently, they appealed the preliminary injunction on Wednesday and won on Friday. The injunction prevented federal officials from communicating with social media platforms to censor protected speech content.

That brings us up to date.



  1. The CIA is the Brain of the corrupt Obiden Junta
    The FBI is the strong-arm enforcers of the Obiden Junta
    The media is the propaganda arm of the Obiden Junta
    Big Tech is to silence anyone who questions the Obiden Junta
    Big Pharma is the biological weapon system of the Obiden Junta
    The justice system is the lawyer of the Obiden Junta
    The Fifth Circuit is doing its assigned job for the organized criminal syndicate that masquerades as the Democratic Party and its herd of RINOS.

  2. We do we the people, figure out a way around it. The people are the ones who need to take action just like with Bud & Target. Not everything needs to be done by lawyers and judges. We know the administration is corrupt so stand against it. Especially when you vote, make sure how, when and where you vote then make sure its correct or lodge a complaint with your rep — this is going to be the only way it will work in our type of society. If you don’t then you are part of the problem.

    • Unfortunately, the organized crime family masquerading as the Democratic Party counts the votes. The only thing that has changed since 2020 is they know they can get away with brazen voter fraud and will not be held accountable by any court.

  3. HA! Ha!…and these self same leftist elements of ignorance continue to claim Trump is a tyrant whilst they ARE enshrining tyranny in it’s most base form…


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