Bidenomics: 90% of Jobs Created Were Lost in the Pandemic


Joe Biden, the 81 million vote man, is running on his economic record, which is abysmal. Democrats don’t seem worried about him losing, which is baffling since Bidenomics are a disaster.

Steve Bannon spoke with E. J. Antoni of Heritage, who clarified how bad Bidenomics is. This Congress continues to overspend and works at cross purposes with the Feds.

Antoni said the BLM stats are wrong, and the numbers will likely be wildly revised down next year.

Of the jobs created, 90% were lost during the lockdown, and 90% of new workers are foreigners who could be illegal aliens. The number includes illegals. They don’t separate them out.

Despite nominal pay increasing, hourly earnings are going sideways.

Fox Business reports U.S. employers added 209,000 jobs in June, the lowest number since 2020. It is a sign that the Federal Reserve will continue on its rate-tightening cycle this year and perhaps into early 2024. The unemployment rate held steady at 3.6%.

Growth in April and May were revised marginally lower to 217,000 and 306,000, respectively. Increased wage growth and inflation are a disaster for retirees. US manufacturing is in China, and it hasn’t changed a whit.

Average Hourly Earnings:

+4.4% to $33.58

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Inside Hiring
  • Private Education: +73,000
  • Government: +60,000
  • Healthcare: +41,000
  • Construction: +23,000
  • Professional Services: +21,000
  • Manufacturing: +7,000
  • Retail: -11,200

Consumer inflation is at 4%, twice the Fed’s preferred level. Plus, pay continues to climb, another inflationary headwind.



  1. There are no “wage increases” for people that have held their jobs for years. In fact, they are going down…. no raises in years and commissions cut, all the while workloads are increased.

    No matter how you cut it, at the end of the month families have less money in their pockets than when Trump ran the country.


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