Biden’s Health and Age Are a Concern Again


Biden fell at the Air Force graduation today. He tried to jog off but hit the pavement face-first instead. People are concerned about his health. He has to have crib sheets that look like they’re written for a child and needs an escort to guide him to do everything. Biden often can’t speak intelligibly.

Does anyone really believe he is the Democrat Party candidate? They say he is now, but I think they intend to find some excuse to replace him, or he will resign at the last minute. A replacement will come in, and there won’t be time for anyone to vet the person.

They could slip Michelle Obama into the role. Who else? I’m not sure, but I can’t believe this man will make it to 2024. I don’t think Democrats believe he will, either.

He can barely find the podium.

The confusion continues.

Then he did a faceplant.

During the speech, he creeped on the microphone as if he was going to say something clever.

He lied, which is what he always does. Biden was never appointed to the naval academy. He was at the University of Delaware and graduated in 1965.

This was a repeat of the naval academy graduation in 2022. He said the same thing about an appointment to the naval academy and creep-whispered into the mic.

Gov. DeSantis reacted to Biden’s fall.

Donald Trump responded kindly and referenced his super cautious walk down a ramp:

Here’s Biden’s response, showing who he is again:



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