Big Kerfuffle on X: Elon Musk Tells James Woods to Delete His Account


Elon Musk wants to alter the block feature on his platform to allow for more free speech. Many people think it’s a bad idea, and it’s become an issue on the platform.

I couldn’t care less, but people care. One person who cares is actor James Woods who got into an argument with Elon Musk over it.

It began when Musk started to block people who complained about the block.

If people complain about altering tit, Musk blocks them to give them a taste of what it feels like to be blocked.

He seems to be choosing sides, but who knows.

James Woods felt he made his point when he was blocked.

Advertiser-pleasing? This comment really irked Mr. Musk.

Thirty trolls attacked Woods. That’s a lot of trolls, and that’s why the block matters to him.

At one point, Elon told James Woods to delete his account. People slammed Elon for that.

James Woods promised not to leave unless canceled. He’s been censored before, and he can handle it.

The blocking issue isn’t quite as bad as people think.



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