Big News for Tucker Carlson’s Media Empire


Tucker secured a big media advertising deal. He has a big deal with conservative-leaning marketplace app, PublicSq.

CNBC reported that Carlson’s media company signed a $1 million deal with the PublicSq app., a recently publicly traded company, over the summer.

We first reported this in July.

“PublicSq. is a key company in the parallel economy, specifically countering the Chamber of Commerce and Amazon,” Neil Patel, Carlson’s longtime business partner, said. “There is a wave of disruption coming to the media and economic establishment, and our companies will help accelerate this overdue shift.”

The ads are set to air on Carlson’s show on X starting in November and through the 2024 election.

The firm’s CEO, Michael Seifert, announced the deal. He added that he is thrilled to be advertising during Carlson’s shows on X between November 2023 and the 2024 elections.

“People are going to be paying attention,” Seifert said. “Tucker is going to speak very candidly of the importance of patriotic small businesses, and if viewers want to support it, go to Public Square.”

PublicSq. will carry over to Carlson’s website and future platforms he might reach.


Tucker Carlson’s company – Lasting Country – secured a venture capital firm called 1789 Capital to help finance his company. They, too, are anti-woke, anti-cancel culture. The CEO, Omeed Malik, believes in free speech.

Malik didn’t like the tyranny under COVID-19 and moved into the light, rejecting corporate censorship. Now, he is one of their financiers.

This year, Malik launched 1789 Capital, which aims to capitalize on the opportunities left open by the “wokeness” of more traditional sources of capital, reports the Wall Street Journal.



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